Internship vs. Externship

The Advantages of Internships and Other Work Experience

According to the NACE’s 2020 Internship & Co-op Survey Report, applicants with internship experience received 68% more job offers and stayed with the firm longer than those without it.

How Do Internships Work?

Numerous internships are organized by career services departments, collegiate internship programs, or guidance counselors in high schools. Internships can just be remote or on-site, paid or unpaid, depending on the company.

How Do ExternshipsWork?

A means for participants to link their client’s integrity to the business, gain practical experience, and comprehend how businesses function is through an externship. Externships can be set up through a college or by a person directly, just like internships.

Student Internships

Programs for graduate studies often offer options for externships. These initiatives, which resemble internships, are created to provide participants with additional job experience outside the classroom.

What Separates Internships from Externships

Both internships & externships are designed to give participants on-the-job training, job application experience, industry exposure, and meetups. However, there are variations in the programs’ content and length.

Consult your University

The greatest place to start looking for internship and externship opportunities for college college students grads is their college.

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