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08 Free Online Teaching Platforms

One of the best methods is to stay current with knowledge and impart it to those who are interested in teaching. Online teaching has emerged as one of the finest ways to make money from home because of the rise of digital learning brought on by Covid-19 regulations.


The many advantages of online teaching platforms include the following:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • No out-of-pocket expenditures.
  • Many different tools and resources.
  • Having access to a worldwide audience

The ideal strategy to take advantage of the impending increase in online learning is to invest in the top online teaching platform that will enable you to provide your students with the greatest learning environment. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the top 08 online teaching platforms in this post so you can decide which ones to use for your e-learning initiatives.

1. UpGrad

One of the best online teaching systems is UpGrad. Numerous students are enrolled in a variety of online courses offered by the school, including short-term courses, degrees, and diploma programs. Any student can benefit from and utilize online diploma courses.

To teach at Up Grad, you must possess in-depth subject knowledge as well as strong English communication abilities. A crucial quality to have in your skill set is a passion for teaching and the ability to convey complicated ideas simply.

At Up Grad, you can select the type of job you wish to do from a variety of responsibilities, including writing course content, mentoring students, grading papers, and clearing up student confusion. Each of these roles will pay at a different grade, therefore you will need to sign a contract with Up Grad that is appropriate for your situation. This is just another excellent tool for online instruction.

2. Byju’s

Byju’s is a live teaching stage where instructors can provide individualized instruction in disciplines like math and science to students at schools all over the world.

Simply preview the course materials before teaching because the curriculum has already been created. You’ll also need to comprehend common misunderstandings and dispel any worries that students may have.

You have to be a graduate and make it through Byju’s selection processes. After registering, you will get a call or email. You will be placed in either beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels depending on how well you performed in the interview and other things including availability.

Teachers have short-term contracts, therefore they must notify their supervisors in advance if they need a break. You can instruct any student who signs up for your class. Byju’s Neo Platform has recently been released with significant feature upgrades.

3. Edureka

You must be passionate about teaching as well as knowledgeable in the required subjects to be able to teach at Edureka. To have interesting classes with the students, you should also have strong communication skills. With your courses, Edureka gives you income-sharing changes that will result in a good salary. With the help of this online training platform, you can develop swiftly and gradually. Your basic information must be entered into an online form, after which you will go through a screening process and, if chosen, receive the necessary training using Edureka’s methodology.

After that, you can begin enrolling in online courses offered by Edureka and working with them to co-create material. One of the top 10 online education platforms in India is this one.

4. Vedantu Instruction

Anyone can share their knowledge via live video conferences on the online tutoring platform Vedantu Teaching, which is situated in India. You can make up to INR 75,000 a month if you are available for at least three hours every day between 4 and 10 PM IST. It gives teachers access to visual tools like whiteboards.

You can apply by completing a brief form. This application is examined by professionals. For their teaching demonstration to the experts, shortlisted teachers can choose any subject they like.

If chosen, you will be hired after building your profile and gathering the necessary paperwork. The training and induction webinar comes last, following which you can begin participating in online sessions.

5. OpenLearning

The course writing and course design tools provided by OpenLearning, a reputable online learning platform, support the newest trends in teaching and learning. You’ll appreciate this platform’s drag-and-drop Content Widgets, which make creating educational resources in any format—text, files, audio, and images—easy. If necessary, you can also make use of its Share Widgets to encourage peer and social learning and increase team engagement.

This site is particularly well-known for its selection of quick courses created by illustrious universities and institutions, like Temasek Polytechnic, University of England, UNSW Sydney, and UTS Open. The topics you can teach your students on this platform range from coffee brewing to electrical work.

6. Unacademy Instructors

Users can generate content on any educational subject in either pre-existing categories or brand-new ones using the Unacademy teaching portal for teachers. Lessons in a course vary depending on the intended audience, and each video is only allowed to be 15 minutes long.

Whiteboard notes, handwritten notes, PDFs, presentations, and more can all be included. Instead of cash, educators receive incentives based on the number of views received by their videos.

Visit the app store and download the Unacademy Educator app. Enter your biographical information, teaching philosophy, and teaching philosophy details. Next, construct a comprehensive 3-minute teaching demo in landscape mode on a subject relevant to the target market. Presentations, pictures, and PDFs can all be included.

7. Teachable

One of those platforms for teachers in India to create the ideal online course for their pupils is called Teachable. Teachable encourages you to instruct students in a manner in which you would have liked to be instructed. With this guiding principle, they give you all you require, including limitless video bandwidth and as many courses as you wish to offer to the students. Teachable has the proper resources to make the lessons engaging and engaging. You will get the chance to provide live lectures to your students, as well as administer quizzes and present them with certificates after the course is complete. Additionally, the students will comment on your instruction.

8. Instruct on Udemy

With access to over 65 languages and more than 180 countries, Udemy is a global platform for online education. Anyone can make a course for free in a variety of areas that contains documents, recorded lectures or screencast videos, PowerPoint files, and more.

You can learn about the popular subjects using a marketplace insights tool. To build a course, you can collaborate with other people. Using a revenue share model, instructors get compensated for all paid enrollments. Udemy receives a share of the sales if the course is paid for.

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