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09 High Income Skills You Should Learn Today

If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your income this year, picking up a new skill could be the solution.


The talents that companies want to change with the work market. No matter what your strengths are—creativity, people skills, technical prowess, and analytical thinking—you can always pick up new knowledge in your field to advance your career. We all know that the more experience you have to add to your CV, the more appealing you seem to potential employers.

And because of the peculiar nature of the labor market today, some of the most in-demand skills for 2022 may enable you to earn six figures.

9 High-Income Skills You Should Learn

1. Software Engineering

For employment as a software engineer, several organizations need a four-year degree (usually a degree in computer science or math). Many others don’t, though, and even prestigious companies like Google and Apple no longer demand degrees.

Therefore, acquiring this talent is achievable without having a formal university degree… frequently through “coding boot camps,” which may be completed in as little as 12 weeks and can be online or in-person.

Due to the strong demand for this line of employment, software development is often regarded as one of the top high-income talents to study. More organizations and systems in the world now run on software. Every year, more transactions and purchases take place online. And more individuals are using electronic gadgets, internet resources, and applications in almost every area of their life.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain is a method of keeping important data over a network where each machine keeps a record.

Information is shared and duplicated throughout a system, making it more difficult to hack, as opposed to the method of maintaining information on a server that each computer accesses. It is significantly more secure than a centralized server since each machine records every transaction.

Blockchain is in great demand and is expanding. As a result, there is a tonne of learning opportunities available, and many businesses are developing their own programs in an effort to hire more competent staff.

3. Data Analysis

Data is all around us, and we all understand how crucial it is for making decisions and for the future of the company. So it seems to reason that our next talent on the list would be the interpretation and use of data analytics. Every sector is driven by data and figures, thus data analysts may anticipate yearly salaries between $73,746 and $153,000.

4. SEO

Businesses are prepared to spend a lot of money for assistance with SEO because they can earn a lot of money by ranking well in internet search results. In this instance, search engine optimization, or SEO, is applied.

SEO specialists investigate the best strategies for improving a company’s website’s position for internet search searches (typically in Google). SEO is one of the best-paying skills on the market and is excellent for contract work or starting your own business.

5. Editing videos

Despite how strange it may sound, I totally enjoy editing videos. And good video editors are hard to get by in the modern era when more businesses are going online.

Exceptional video editors may make $40 to $150 per hour on Upwork, despite the fact that the average salary for a video editor on ZipRecruiter is only $47,000 yearly. This is encouraging for creative freelance video editors, especially if you have the skills and self-promotional skills.

6. Cloud Computing

Helping companies store and manage their data securely is a crucial skill at a time when employment and education are growing more distant. Because of this, cloud computing may rank among the most in-demand and highly compensated skills of 2022. Additionally, a cloud computing specialist might earn between $86,997 and $330,000 annually.

A quarterly Cloud Computing Challenge is provided by PowerToFly in collaboration with Microsoft to assist you in honing your talents and showcasing them on your CV.

7. Digital Marketing

The word “digital marketing” covers a wide range of activities. SEO may even be involved (above). However, investing in your digital marketing talents will pay dividends.

Companies used to hire interns for jobs in digital marketing. “Tweet this for us,” you say. but not anymore. Companies are allocating large resources to digital marketing because they understand that it has the potential to supplant traditional marketing; now, digital accounts for around 60% of all ad expenditures.

Digital marketing may be learned. However, this does not entail tweeting nonstop. If you’re serious about working in digital marketing, I suggest diving deep into studying advertising on various platforms, particularly Facebook. Get serious about metrics and analytics, and learn about pixel and retargeting.

8. Sales

No issue if you don’t want to learn how to code. Another one of the highest-paying professions in the world without a technical background or particular degree is sales.

Additionally, there are other job categories within sales. There are some who “close transactions” (often referred to as “closers”), but there are also those who make initial contact with prospective clients in order to schedule an appointment with the closer. They are frequently referred to as “appointment setters.”

9. Coding

It’s not strange that coding is still in demand, and you can study it on your own. As our economy shifts to a tech one, developers are in high demand. And in contrast to popular belief, becoming a developer does not require a degree in computer science.

Anyone can pick up coding!
Because everyone needs programmers, there is a tonne of free courses available. One of the best places to start is Codecademy.

If you’re unsure of which language to study, make sure it aligns with your professional objectives. Python is the most widely used language, but it doesn’t always imply it’s the best choice for you.


The high-income abilities can be developed through official training classes, online programs, or free resources from places like YouTube.

Find a superb mentor or coach to assist you to advance your learning who can hasten the development of your talents based on their own accomplishments and experiences. If you feel trapped at work, especially if you possess a degree that seems meaningless, why not grab one of these in-demand skills and advance? They’ll assist you in determining the value you provide to the market and increase your pay!

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