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35 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast as a Woman


Wanting additional cash? Are you interested in finding employment for women at home or wondering how to generate money quickly as a woman?

Freelancing, blogging, and online sales of digital goods are a few of the most well-liked side businesses for women. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a retiree, a college student, or a professional woman, the greatest side jobs for women enable you to earn decent money without taking up a lot of your time.


35 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast as a Woman

But what are the top side businesses for women looking to supplement their income?

There is good news in that you have several choices. Here are some of the finest money-making ideas to begin right away, whether you’re searching for short side hustles you can do while working a full-time job, raising kids, or pursuing your degree.


1. Sell your handmade items

Online sales of handmade goods are another simple option to earn money from home. Among them are baked foods, wholesome snacks, aromatic candles, wall hangings, tablecloths, and furniture accessories. You may simply sign up as a vendor on websites like Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart, or Ajio if you are skilled in arts and crafts or food.

Alternatively, you might use a secondary delivery provider to directly sell your goods to your friend and family networks on social media.

2. Blogger

Create a lifestyle blog using a tool like WordPress and write about anything that interests you. You could wish to discuss foreign street food, for instance. Use Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, or even specialized plug-ins to monetize your site.
To increase traffic when you launch a blog, make an investment in a visually appealing blog design and include compelling visual material, such as high-quality images.

Bring your laptop along to earn money while you’re traveling. Once you gain enough traction, you could receive sponsorship from significant businesses to produce content or unique evaluations.

3. Driving for Lyft or Uber

Companies like Uber and Lyft provide a great opportunity to make some extra money. Wherever you call home, you’ll need a car that isn’t too old, a clean driving record, and authorization to work. If you own all of those things, you are free to work whenever it suits you, be it late at night on the weekend or during the midst of the day rush hour. You are free to choose.

4. Become a virtual assistant

If you are really organized, think about working as a virtual assistant (VA). Both businesses and solopreneurs are always searching for virtual assistants (VAs) to assist with administrative work and free up time.

Through a network that links virtual assistants with numerous clients for certain short-term tasks, you can work for an organization or work on demand. As a VA, you can either specialize in a single field or take on a wide range of activities by becoming a generalist.

5. Become a teacher online

One of the finest side businesses for women is teaching children online since there are so many ways to accomplish it.

You may, for instance, earn additional cash by:

  • With Outschool, you can hold live lessons on just about any subject.
  • Helping children learn English as a kids’ yoga instructor online (excellent for native English speakers!)
  • Online tutoring for practically any topic

6. Look for jobs in translation

If you speak several languages, becoming a translator is one way to make money women. There is a big need for persons who can interpret texts, voicemails, papers, subtitles, and many other things.

You may contact translation companies or find freelancers on websites like Freelance India, Upwork, or Truelancer. Exists a financial or other requirement? – There is no financial outlay necessary, and typically no special schooling is needed.

7. Affiliate Marketing

You may, for instance, be an authority in street style. Find affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates, and register for one. With tracking links, you may promote items on your blog or in social network postings and get paid each time a reader makes a purchase. Concentrate on your areas of expertise and determine which of your platforms has the greatest audience.

8. Participate in market research

One way to earn real money without working hard is by taking part in market research. Giving your feedback on a company’s products in an online survey is a fairly simple way to earn money. Alternatively, companies could invite you to take part in a focus group in exchange for payment in the form of cash or a gift card, simply so you can express your opinions.

9. Become a Social media manager

You may quickly earn money by working as a social media manager for companies or solopreneurs if you have expertise using social media and are familiar with several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Creating and monitoring social media accounts, following trends, producing text, planning posts, replying to messages and comments, communicating with the audience, and other tasks are all part of a social media manager’s day.

10. Provide services for a kid or adult care

According to statistics, women are more likely than males to provide care for their families. Taking care of small children, a relative with special needs, or even an elderly parent might fall under this category.

If you have expertise in providing care, you might utilize that knowledge to earn additional cash by providing child or adult care.

11. Creating a YouTube channel

Consider launching a YouTube channel if you don’t enjoy writing but still want to share your passion with the world. Similar to a blog, you may post any sort of material on YouTube, including dance or art classes as well as recipes and food videos. You only need an email address and a YouTube account; you don’t even need to register for any specific websites. Additionally, you may make money from adverts just like on a blog.

12. Online Surveys

Earn money for each survey you complete. Branded Surveys, for example, may pay $5, while Survey Junkie may pay up to $150 for each assignment. Simply create an account on your favorite website and payout after your jobs are finished.

You may receive money from certain websites simply for joining up. Most businesses provide points that may be subsequently exchanged for money.

13. Sell used publications and games on Amazon

It’s quite simple to post and sell used books, games, and gadgets on Amazon’s marketplace. You can make more than a few bucks if you have pricey college textbooks. The books are in good condition, please. You will get negative feedback if you try to sell books that are falling apart or scratched-up video games.

14. Open a print-on-demand business

Since you must create and store products before customers can buy it, traditional stores require a very long time to start up. When you send the things out, you must also package, ship, and keep track of them.

But none of it matters when you shop at a print-on-demand store. Simply make designs and publish them to an online retailer like Printify using this business strategy.

15. Earn money by losing weight

Many women have the same goal of slimming down. Women are much more likely than males to say they want to reduce weight.

There are various ways to lose weight, enhance your health, and increase your income. For example, you may download programs that pay you to walk.

16. Make a career as a travel agent or planner

Working from home as a travel agent is one of the most underappreciated careers for women. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase tickets and make travel arrangements online, but for individuals who are busy or inexperienced with the internet, this may be a major problem. Travel agencies and planners now have a sizable market to serve.

Either register with a website like AvantStay, Upwork, or Hopper to get work, or start your own business as a travel agency.

17. Focus groups

Join a club that watches ads, evaluates marketing campaigns, or tests out samples in person or online. Comment on the success of a company’s marketing campaign or product. Earn $30 to $150 each time you take part.

If you’re a naturally outgoing person who enjoys facilitating discussions, take the lead in the focus group. If you talk for a longer period of time in a focus group, which might take up to two hours, you’ll get compensated extra.

18. Real estate flip agreements

Contrary to what you might have thought, it’s not outrageously pricey. You may flip real estate contracts in your spare time without ever taking possession of the property. This project involves a simple contract purchase and selling. There aren’t any repairs necessary. Now I’m done. Escrow may often be opened for just a few hundred dollars.

19. Online website testing

Did you know that testing websites online might earn you money? Businesses are often searching for someone to try out new features and offer feedback.

You must first register with a few different websites that provide paid website testing services in order to get started. After signing up, you’ll have assignments to do and be requested to give the website your comments afterward.

20. Providing freelancing services

The gig economy and freelancing are still flourishing, especially as more individuals choose to work from home. Around 1.1 billion freelancers earn money online globally, with 59 million of those working in the US.

One of the finest side jobs for women is freelancing since it gives them the flexibility to set their own hours and work on their own schedule.

21. Become a POSP for Insurance

Selling insurance products is done by a POSP, or point of a salesperson. They are insurance brokers that work with insurance firms to sell consumers the products that best suit their individual requirements.

Exists a financial or another requirement? – In order to work as an insurance agent, you must be above 18 and have successfully finished Class 10. If you match these criteria, you will also need to finish a 15-hour IRDAI-offered mandatory training course in order to obtain your license.

22. Social Media sponsorships

By charging for sponsored content, you may monetize your online presence. Ensure that your own brand is distinct. For instance, businesses may discover that you’re a health food enthusiast and hurry to give you things to try if you mention them in your Instagram profile and tag your favorite brands in your images. When a company requests a shout-out, decide on pricing for a sponsored article and then let them know.

23. Walk dogs

Networks exist that connect dog owners with dog walkers. Rover is the name of one of the largest internet networks for dog walkers. Of course, you could just go door-to-door or advertise on social media, but you might just as easily choose one of these.

Perform exceptionally if you’re serious about building a history of glowing reviews.  That will enable you to earn more money down the road when you really need it.

24. Create a course online

Consider developing an online course if you possess a talent or area of knowledge that you believe others would find useful. You can achieve that by building your course on a website and charging people to watch it. From then, maintaining this income may just need a small amount of effort on your part.

25. Earn money proofreading

One of the best-paying side occupations for women is proofreading if you have a great eye for detail. Online proofreaders who work from home might easily earn $50,000 or more a year. It’s great that you’re looking for a flexible stay-at-home mom career.

26. Dropshipping

In the e-commerce sector, dropshipping is a relatively inexpensive approach to making money rapidly. Simply said, dropshipping involves the seller creating a store and brand, as well as locating and publicizing products that are relevant to their target market.

The product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer when they make a purchase. You keep the difference between what you charge customers and what the manufacturer costs you.

27. Photography

On Foap, you may sell photographs for $10 and get a 50% fee, but if you’re a “Level 8 contributor” on 123RF, you get 60% of any content sales. If you want to sell pictures of yourself for money, put them on your own website so you may keep all of the money you make from each transaction. Use a platform that allows you to include a plug-in that manages sales transactions if you plan to display images on your own website.

28. Take up personal training

If you are familiar with fitness, you may become a personal trainer. If only to have someone keep them on track toward their goals, people pay a lot of money for personal trainers. You can improve the world while advancing your financial situation. Additionally, this might branch out into nutrition, helping individuals with their food planning, etc.

29. Become an influencer

Being a female influencer on websites like YouTube or Instagram is only one of many ways that attractive women may earn money online.

Influencers are compensated for their work with businesses to promote their goods. You may work with a variety of businesses, including those in fashion, skincare, beauty, and more.

30. Launch a cleaning or laundry business.

Unfortunately, cleaning and doing laundry are frequently seen as being the domain of women. And the statistics support it: on average, 50% of women and 22% of men spend time doing housework each day.

The good news is that you might utilize all of that time you’ve been spending cleaning, scrubbing, and folding to earn additional money by providing cleaning or laundry services.

31. Craft Sales

Create a store and offer your items on a platform like Etsy or Amazon Handmade. To let your buyers know that you created everything yourself, use sales listings, descriptions, and keywords. Use a variety of platforms to advertise certain offers, specials, or product lines, such as social media and newsletters.
As soon as you launch an Etsy shop, list products with high-quality images to make them stand out from those of your rivals.

32. Assistance with home gardening

You might be able to fast earn enough money by offering your gardening services to neighbors. There are several alternatives, ranging from planning gardens and decor to mowing lawns and picking weeds. You’ll find at least a few takers if you pitch to enough neighbors. It’ll be worth your while.

33. Become an online event planner

In the current digital era, more companies are using online events as a powerful tool for marketing their goods and services. You will be in charge of producing, organizing, and managing online events like webinars and seminars when you arrange virtual events. To succeed, you must be imaginative and possess excellent organizing abilities.

34. Become Pinterest Manager

However, it makes sense given that a large portion of the content on Pinterest focuses on issues that appeal to women. Consider cooking, parenting, self-care, and weight loss. Being a Pinterest manager might be a terrific way to earn money online and have a side gig if you often use Pinterest.

35. Writing

Think about the subject that interests you the most. If you love video games, for instance, submit query letters or pitches to publications or sections that cover technology and entertainment. Look at each company’s payment structure and consider whether it is reasonable given the time you will devote to a piece. While some websites may only pay you cents per word, others may give you over $100 for each article.

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