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10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad

Is it on your bucket list to teach English abroad? Even if the coronavirus momentarily derailed your vacation plans last year, you can still start making arrangements for your subsequent TEFL/TESOL experience for 2022 in one of the many amazing sites all over the world. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 locations to teach English overseas in 2022, or to add to your wishlist as the world reopens, whether you want to learn about a new culture, obtain a good salary while appreciating a low cost of living, or progress your career by taking on new challenges.


1. China

The most preferred location for ESL teachers is by far China. With a population of over a billion, it is understandable that China has the highest demand for English language instruction. Although it’s unlikely that teaching English in China will give you a salary on par with what you could earn at home, it is a surefire method to make fantastic pay and yet have some extra cash to save. Most major cities have a relatively low cost of living levels when compared to Western nations.

Additionally, many teaching positions in China come with perks like free lodging or compensated travel. When traveling is once again permitted, it is feasible to live fairly nicely and still have money leftover.

2. South Korea

South Korea consistently ranks among the top destinations for TEFL/TESOL among Bridge alums and appears on lists of the finest places to teach English overseas. EFL teachers who come abroad to teach in this East Asian nation will find a modern city, competitive pay that varies from $1,800 to $2,200 USD per month (with free lodging), magnificent natural beauty, and more.

In South Korea, TEFL/TESOL jobs can be found year-round through a program like EPIK or by registering for TEFL/TESOL positions directly. There are an estimated 100,000 institutions that offer English courses and a government that actively promotes English teaching in public schools. A bachelor’s degree in any field, 120 hours or more of TEFL/TESOL training, and occasionally teaching experience are all required.

3. Japan

One of the most sought-after destinations to teach English overseas in Japan. It is a nation rich in scenic natural areas, striking scenery, and most importantly, its thriving cities. Additionally, it boasts one of the most distinctive traditional cultures in all of Asia, which draws both foreigners and English teachers. Living in Japan will never get boring, whether you’re in the center of Tokyo or a small village in the Mt. Fuji shadow.

4. Spain

Despite having somewhat lower earnings than other countries on the continent, Spain is one of the greatest destinations in Europe to teach English. There is a high demand for English instruction, and private English schools are springing up all across the nation, particularly in the north.

The best places to start your job hunt are Madrid and Barcelona, and in general, the further south you travel, the fewer chances and lower incomes there are.

5. Ukraine

An underrated place for English teachers in Ukraine. Obtaining a visa to live there is not as time-consuming as it is for other nations, which is why it is currently seeking to recruit ex-pats. Although there are language schools all around the nation, most of the positions will be in Kyiv, the nation’s capital.

Remember that the majority of roles call for candidates to hold a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification in order to be considered. Even though it’s not usually required, previous teaching experience is helpful in Ukrainian schools.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is renowned for its beautiful, dramatic landscapes and laid-back way of life. Vietnam welcomes millions of tourists and foreign residents each year on average. Given the current state of the world, Vietnam is one of the finest countries to work as an ESL teacher because there is a superb work-life balance and you’ll probably work considerably less than the standard nine-to-five.

Due to Vietnam’s vigorous response to the Covid-19 outbreak, it has recently been challenging for any foreigners to enter the nation; however, ESL teachers, like me, are suddenly being allowed to enter as “expert” labor! Despite the government’s varied rules surrounding ESL teachers, immigrants continue to enter the nation.

7. France

The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany, among many other European nations, should be included on a list of the top locations for English teaching overseas. However, France prevailed in this regard thanks to its culture, way of life, and history.

As long as France has been a country, immigrants have been pouring into the country.

It’s important to know that France is one of the greatest destinations to teach English abroad if you want to join famous ex-pats like Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Ben Franklin.

8. Thailand

For a variety of reasons, teaching English abroad is very popular in Thailand. Normally, millions of tourists would swarm to Thailand every year to take in the country’s rich culinary culture, diversified population, and breathtaking landscapes. As a result of the Thai government’s recent announcement that it will welcome visitors, Thailand is currently one of Asia’s more open nations.

Thailand is a desirable destination for teaching for one straightforward reason—the low cost of living. Similar to Vietnam, Thailand pays less for English teachers than other nations in Asia and internationally, but the money goes a lot further!

9. Taiwan

Overall, Taiwan has grown in popularity among English teachers over time. Taiwan can be a little more challenging for a Western perspective to adjust to due to its comparable working culture to that of China, Korea, and Japan, yet it can be immensely fulfilling to work as an English teacher in Taiwan.

The cost of living in the nation is quite low, therefore an ESL teacher’s compensation can go a long way. Severance compensation, lodging, and flights are typically included in teaching alternatives, which boosts your ability to save money or spend it.

10. The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as one of the most sought-after ESL teaching locations worldwide, and its appeal grows every. Although the qualifications to teach in the United Arab Emirates are a little more demanding than those in other countries, the benefits are certainly worthwhile. Although it can be simpler to get jobs if you have official teaching qualifications, it’s also possible to find work with just a TEFL certification!

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