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Highest Paying Jobs In The UK Without A Degree

In the UK, there are lots of lucrative positions available without a degree. In fact, more employment in the UK than those that do require a degree, according to recent reports.


Therefore, if you want to work for a high-paying company but lack a degree, you are not completely out of luck. We will talk about some of the highest-paying occupations in the UK without a degree in this blog post. Read on to discover more.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I enjoy searching for information like this on Google because I didn’t attend university after high school and earn a degree that would qualify me for a high-paying position.

Let’s look at some of them:

1. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are those individuals you frequently see in movies working in the air traffic control towers at airports. Their responsibility is to guarantee that all flights depart on time, take off and land securely, and move through the airport as quickly as possible.

They accomplish this by planning flight landing courses and schedules and coordinating with pilots to provide them with takeoff and landing instructions. Therefore, it’s a really significant job that comes with a lot of responsibility.

An air traffic controller’s annual salary will typically be around £40,000, however, a senior air traffic controller may make more than £100,000 per year.

2. Pilates Instructors

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes strengthening the muscles in the core. There is an increasing need for Pilates instructors as it gains popularity.

You must complete a training program if you want to become a Pilates instructor. You can begin instructing classes once you have your certification.

To become a Pilates instructor, you’ll need the following abilities:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understanding the Pilates techniques
  • The capacity to teach and inspire students

3. Recruitment consultant

  • Recruiters assist businesses in finding qualified employees, and they bill the customer a portion of the employer cost.
  • By cold phoning, emailing, and networking, they identify job openings. They then recruit candidates, evaluate them for appropriateness, and oversee the interview and job offer processes.
  • Since it is a sales position, you will receive a commission when you place an applicant and collect payment.
  • A good recruiter can make between £40 and £50k in commission from prospects they place.
  • A great recruiter can make over £100,000.

4. Game tester for computers

The duty of computer game testers is to evaluate the games’ level of quality. They engage in the game and scan it for bugs or issues. You only need to be skilled at playing video games if this is a career you’re interested in.

You’ll need the following abilities to test video games for computers:

  • Fantastic video game skills
  • Aptitude for solving issues
  • Thinking logically and strategically

The average salary for the Games tester is £20,000

5. Mortgage Expert

The majority of people must typically obtain a mortgage loan when they purchase a home. Because there are so many various mortgage packages available and because they are such sophisticated financial instruments, mortgage consultants assist clients in choosing the best mortgage for their specific needs.
You can work directly for a bank as a mortgage advisor and only provide advice regarding that bank’s products, or you can work for an independent mortgage broker who provides advice regarding mortgages from a variety of banks and other lenders available in the market.
Mortgage consultants receive commissions and incentives from the fees produced when a mortgage is arranged, making it technically a sales position.

There is no ceiling on these revenues, but a skilled broker may make £80k or more, earning an average of £45-60k. However, in order to earn that commission, you must continuously sell mortgage agreements.

6. Sports Coach

Athletes must be trained and coached by sports coaches. They assist teams or individuals in developing their capabilities. All you need to be a sports coach is some experience and above-average knowledge of the sport you’ll be coaching.

You’ll need the following abilities to work as a sports coach:

  • Excellent coaching and communication abilities
  • Sport-specific knowledge and organizational capabilities

7. Real Estate agents

The task of assisting people in buying and selling real estate falls to real estate agents. They assist consumers with either selling their current home or finding the ideal one.

If you have sales experience and a license from the Independent Network of Estate Agents, you are qualified to work as an estate agent.

To become an estate agent, you would need the following skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understanding of the real estate market
  • Negotiating techniques

Estate agents typically make roughly £60,000 per year, but a skilled one who sells many homes can make well over £100,000. Commissions are also uncapped.

8. Electrician

Electricians are in high demand now and probably always will be because they install and maintain all of the electric systems that we see all around us in our homes and workplaces.

In salaried positions, electricians in the UK typically make between £30 and £40k, although there are several ways to make more money, such as by working as a contractor or going into business for oneself.

Additionally, there are many chances for overtime in the construction industry, which is frequently compensated at very high rates, such as double time or even triple time, meaning some electricians can make more than £70k.

9. Freelance contractor and IT assistant

As more companies transition to a remote workforce, there is a significant need for freelance IT assistants and contractors. This might be a terrific job for you if you’re good with computers and have some technical expertise.

While no formal degree is needed to work as a freelance IT assistant or contractor, having a broad range of computer and software-related skills and knowledge is beneficial.

You’ll need the following abilities to work as a freelance IT assistant or contractor:

  • Outstanding computing skills
  • Technical expertise
  • Good problem-solving and communication abilities

This list only represents a small portion of the well-paying positions available without a degree. Do some independent study to see what alternative occupations might be a suitable fit for you if you’re interested in learning more. There are no boundaries!

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