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How to Get a High Paying Email Marketing Job?

Email marketing campaigns are used by thousands of companies of all sizes, creating lucrative careers for marketers.


Email marketing is one of the most traditional but efficient forms of promotion, and organizations view it as a crucial marketing tool for a number of reasons.

  • Effective fan targeting at a low cost
  • Calls to action and segmentation
  • Simple to develop, publish, and track globally, guarantees promptness, and assures ROI

Job Description for Email Marketing

  • Using email marketing to manage email campaigns and communicate in a way that gets results
  • A review of recent email marketing initiatives and advice thereon
  • Managing trigger emails across the customer lifecycle
  • Database segmentation and remarketing tactics implementation
  • A/B Examining, MVT campaign testing for email marketing
  • Monitoring, monitoring, and making sure all email campaigns adhere to the most recent email marketing trends
  • Working with the CRM Head

How to Get a High-Paying Email Marketing Job?

1. Making Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

In the unlikely event that your email is not delivered, the email campaign is useless. Deliverability is a prerequisite for employment in email marketing since the main objective of an email campaign is to ensure that your communications achieve their final objective.

Deliverability is influenced by a variety of parameters, including ISPs, throttling, MTAs, bounces, span problems, bulking, content quality, etc.

2. Have good list-building techniques

The most frequently mentioned and effective aspect of email marketing is having an organized email list. Email marketers should use a variety of subscriber acquisition strategies, including

  • Blogging, guest blogging, and lead magnets are all examples of content marketing
  • Webinars; contests on social media
  • Slide-in forms, popups, and top-of-page ribbons are examples of opt-in technologies.

3. Be able to integrate social media

Web-based You may add endorsers and subscribers to your email list database using social media marketing in addition to helping you establish your brand and maximize brand exposure. Fortunately, you can grow your email list using social media platforms.

Several email marketing strategies that use social media-

  • Utilizing sidebar applications and call-to-actions on your company’s Facebook page
  • Twitter lead generation cards are used
  • Using the followers on Instagram
  • Delivering email previews in Snapchat tales
  • Use of Periscope’s email-gated content improvements
  • Utilizing Slideshare to get leads
  • Utilizing Pinterest to increase visitors

4. Make sure subscribers are engaged

For e-businesses, having only a well-organized email list is not the answer. If email lists are encouraging involvement, they function better. Subscribers who are actively engaged read more, crave more, click more, and spend more.

You can apply what you learn about engaging and attracting email subscribers to any size list to increase its viability. You need to be more helpful and consistent when providing stuff to your subscribers.

5. Recognize the elements Email Open Rate is influenced by

Email open rate depends on a wide range of variables, including:

  • Name in “from”
  • Sample text
  • Email list length and quality
  • Email body

The more people who open an email, the more people click, and the more people buy, thus you must expertly optimize your emails for a better open rate.

6. Have proficiency with data and analytics

You must feel comfortable using the email service provider’s analytics dashboard in order to land the greatest email marketing jobs (ESP). Various email marketing statistics included in analytics include:

  • Rates of open and click
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribers
  • List Growth
  • Conversion Rate, etc.

Such statistics can provide valuable tidbits of insight about what’s working (and what isn’t) in your email marketing campaign.

7. Use of Email Marketing Automation Successfully

Another crucial ability for obtaining the finest email marketing jobs is understanding email marketing automation. Additionally, automated communications are timely, relevant, and tailored. They guarantee higher open and click-through rates and positively affect subscriber engagement.

With the help of email marketing automation, you can increase sales for your company. You must be aware of how to use the automation capabilities offered by the majority of Email Service Providers.

8. Understand email attribution

One of the most interesting topics in email marketing is attribution. A good email marketing manager must be aware of the precise outcome of each digital marketing technique they employ. Your ability to expand in a result-driven manner will improve with a greater understanding of how your advertising efforts convert.

Even though email advertising is fairly trackable, operating a basic Email attribution is quite unusual for even a large number of firms. Email attribution is not simple.

Pricing for Email Marketing

The cost of email marketing services often varies based on the supplier, the capabilities it provides, and the particular requirements of your firm. The cost of an email marketing service is influenced by your subscriber base size, the volume of messages you anticipate sending each month, and the analytics tools you require.

For instance, you may expect to pay about $30 per month if you wanted to send unlimited emails each month to 500 contacts and desired features like a template suite, marketing automation, and analytics.

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