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How to Get a Job At Google?


If you’re curious about how difficult it is to land a job at Google, I’ll share what I know from working as a tech recruiter.

Because Google only hires the best of the best and receives a TON of applications, getting a job there is difficult. (This is the major cause of the difficulty in landing a job at Google.)


But it is possible. And if you want to be employed by Google, make sure you keep reading because I’ll also give you my best advice on how to do so. It’s challenging, but there are a few concrete things you can do to beat the odds.

What Kinds Of Jobs Are Available At Google?

The following three fields make up the bulk of Google’s employment offerings.


(a). Software engineering, STA engineering, product management, application development, and other technical positions are available at Google.

(b). Business: Non-technical positions at Google include administration of business operations, sales strategy, and quantitative business analysis.

(c). Design: Other positions that you might apply for include UI/UX designer, visual designer, UX writer, UX researcher, etc.

Eligibility Criteria At Google

A bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline or comparable work experience is the minimum prerequisite for all jobs. Even if you lack a college degree, it might not matter if you have the appropriate professional experience. You are what Google refers to as a “T-shaped person” if you possess a wide variety of fundamental knowledge and abilities in several fields as opposed to deep mastery in only one particular topic.

Google’s hiring managers are often interested in individuals that are knowledgeable in their industry but also adaptable enough to apply their expertise and education to different industries. Google is more interested in your curiosity and openness to learning than anything else.

How to Get a Job At Google?

After looking at how challenging it is to land a job at Google, I want to share with you the actions you should take to increase your chances of succeeding!

(A). The best possibility is through networking

First, getting a recommendation from a member of your network is your best bet. Even if getting an interview is not a certainty, networking is still the best approach to getting work since hiring managers are more likely to believe you when someone recommends you to them.

In order to find out who has a current or former link to Google, start by browsing through your connections (preferably on LinkedIn because you can see their current and prior employment there).

(B). Create the ideal resume

You won’t get invited for an interview at Google with a basic résumé. You need a CV that is properly customized to the position you’re going for given how difficult it is to secure a job at Google.

Additionally, be sure to discuss your successes in previous positions rather than simply the things you were in charge of. This is a significant distinction and one of the most common resume errors I come across as a recruiter.

(C). Be Persistent

You might not be employed by Google on your first attempt because it’s so difficult to do so. Be persistent, then. If you don’t get them to take notice of you immediately away, try applying again in six months.

Apply even if you are already working somewhere else. Candidates who are already employed are preferred by employers (unfair, but true!) The advantages of looking for a job while working are discussed in this article. You may still apply for positions at Google in six or a year if you try to obtain a job there but don’t quite succeed, so you take another job.


Can a Fresh Graduate Obtain a Job at Google?

Google occasionally hires young grads, despite the fact that many positions there need at least some experience. Your projects and internship experiences, however, must be noteworthy and demonstrate creativity and problem-solving abilities. Starting as an intern might be another route to employment at Google. Consider Mayank’s experience obtaining a PPO as an intern at Google.

In addition, Google offers a program called Associate Program Manager (APM) for recent graduates who have an interest in engineering, product strategy, or design. This program’s objective is to mentor aspiring Google product managers and teach them a variety of skills. This is a one-year rotating program.

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