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How to Get a Job in UK from India?


Over the years, the UK job market has prospered and unemployment rates are dropping. The data released by the ONS, or Office for National Statistics, support this as well. In the first quarter of 2019, there were around 870,000 job openings in the UK, a rise of 16,000 over the same period in 2018. After maintaining comparable statistics from 2001, it is the highest level.

According to a poll, there were over 176k job openings from companies with 2.5l or more employees in the UK in the three months before November 2020. However, there were 77k open positions for 50 to 249 employee medium-sized businesses in November.


There are many open positions in the UK’s present labor market that aren’t being filled by its own residents. These positions, often known as those on the SOL (Shortage Occupation List), may be empty unless a qualified foreign worker enters the country and fills the position.

Mandatory Documents To Get A Job in the UK

You will need to fill out a flawless application, just like you would for any job interview or application.

(a). A Properly Written Resume

Most applications will call for a resume or CV depending on the UK labor market. You should include your name, address, phone number, email address, the most recent relevant employment experience, any specialized trade skills, references from prior employers, and educational background in this section.

(b). Mention Your Accomplishments & Accolades

It’s common practice for people to list any honors or accomplishments they’ve won, although doing so is optional and can make resumes look cluttered and congested.

Although it’s not always necessary, it’s often a good idea to include a cover letter along with your CV. You get to boast about yourself in this separate paper!

(c). Permit to Work

Employers will pick you above other candidates if you have a permit allowing you to work. Remember that each application will be different depending on the sort of job you are looking for; for instance, if you are trying to be a writer, you might also need to provide writing examples.

(d). Cover letter

In your cover letter, you have one or two lines to convince the company why you are the ideal candidate for the job. This is not the time to be modest.

Begin your cover letter by thanking the company for reviewing your application, and conclude it by expressing your eagerness to further explore your qualifications with them in the future.

Employment Prospects &UK Population Statistics

In the last several years, there has been a steady rise in the number of available posts in the UK. Over the last seven years, it has helped households’ incomes. The most marginalized groups in society have access to jobs because of the UK’s expanding labor market. Ethnic minorities and people with substantially lower credentials have benefited the most from the expansion in employment opportunities.

You could already have a work visa or a job offer from a UK business in some cases, but you can’t work. The UK Work Permit Visa must thereafter be obtained through a legitimate job offer from a reputable employer in the UK.

Through UK Tier 2 Visa routes, you can submit applications for employment with available opportunities in the UK. It enables skilled foreign employees to stay in the UK for an extended period of time. This is to fill available positions for qualified workers in industries like healthcare, education, accounting, or IT.

Indians looking for jobs in the UK may now rejoice since a wealth of chances are now open to them. High-skilled employees from India can now move to the UK according to new regulations that went into effect in 2022.

Getting a Job Offer and Moving to the UK

Depending on the visa you select, you might have to submit specific paperwork or undergo verifications before the visa is issued. We have outlined the procedure for you below to ensure that you are aware of which visa to select and how to apply:

The UK Tier 2 Visa

The UK Tier 2 Visa is divided into two categories.

1. General UK visa under Tier 2

For professionals and experienced workers who have an offer of skilled employment, the General category of the Tier 2 Visa is available. Additionally, they need a Sponsorship Certificate from a UK-based company that has a legitimate sponsorship license for a Tier 2 Visa.

2. Transfer Within Company Tier 2 UK Visa

Employees of multinational corporations (MNCs) who are transferred to their branch in the UK fall under the ICT category of the Tier 2 Visa. They need a Sponsorship Certificate from a UK-based company that has a legitimate sponsorship authorization for a Tier 2 Visa.

A minimum of 70 points must be earned on the points exam in order to qualify for a Tier 2 Visa. Most of the time, people with Tier 2 Visas are allowed to travel to the UK with their spouses and children. To qualify for this, they must certify that they have enough money to sustain their family.

The UK’s highest-paying jobs and employers

Online applications are accepted in the UK for open posts. You may accomplish this by sending the employers a copy of your resume and cover letter. Several online employment platforms also let you submit your application information there.

Amazon, Google, MI6, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cancer Research UK are a few of the most well-known employers in the UK seeking graduates. Many cities in the UK are regarded as worldwide business centers as the country has the fifth-largest global economy. For competent and motivated graduates, it elevates the UK to the top international employment market.

Getting Established in the UK

There is no extension term for staying in the country once your visa expires. There are methods available, nevertheless, if you’d wish to prolong or get permanent citizenship. You have the option of extending your present visa. Apply online at as soon as possible before your existing visa expires.

You may potentially be eligible for an Indefinite Leave to Remain after extending your visa (IRL). You could live and work in the UK without a time limit if you have an IRL.

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