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How To Get Paid to Be an Online Friend?

Have you ever heard of a technique to earn money by paying someone to become your virtual friend? It does sound odd, doesn’t it? There are many people who are paid to be internet friends and profit greatly from it. In today’s tech-savvy society, doing this is both feasible and profitable.


We might as well make use of the fact that everyone is now so dependent on their phones. It’s a great opportunity to start a side business and make extra cash by working as a virtual companion.

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend (More Than $100/Hour)

Hundreds of websites exist that promise a genuine possibility to make money as a virtual buddy, but the majority of them are scams. In order to find the best and highest earning alternatives for you, our staff has tried and evaluated hundreds of the possibilities that are now accessible.

Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend offers a database of buddies to hang out with, get dating advice from, pick up new skills, and more.

It is explicitly stated on the website that it is entirely platonic and not a location to locate a digital girlfriend. It’s among the greatest side businesses for those who enjoy participating in activities with others.

Depending on your hourly rate and rate, you might make between $480 and $2,000 each week. With Rent-A-Friend, you have complete freedom to choose your own hourly pricing and work schedule. It’s also one of the safest and most reliable websites.

Rent A Local

Despite its name, one of the finest ways to earn paid to be a friend online is Rent A Local Friend. A wonderful way to promote virtual buddy gigs and get money is Rent a Local Buddy.

The site, which primarily focuses on local buddy jobs, makes it possible to find events for both local and online pals. Users of Rent A Local Friend often charge $20 to $100 per hour, with no established average.


On the website Fiverr, you may discover freelancers willing to perform nearly any task for five dollars or smaller amounts.

You may advertise your services, choose a pricing, and then wait for a booking! However, it’s imperative that you are explicit about what exactly they’ll get from hiring your service(s) when you post on Fiverr – as with any website or app.

There won’t be any ambiguity as to whether the employee in question is just chatting with online buddies or anything else. By becoming a virtual buddy on this service, you may often earn $10 each hour. Although you may compete with other users and earn money for being an online buddy, this site’s earnings aren’t as large as they are on some other websites.

Premium Chat

With Premium Chat, you may have real-time conversations with clients, admirers, or online followers.

On the site, you aren’t really creating a virtual buddy, but you may make a respectable side income by conversing with others. Since anyone can register an account, it’s one of the best side businesses for teenagers and college students.

Although Premium Chat offers a pricing table for text and video chat services, you can choose your own flat billing. For text chat services, for instance, you can charge between $1 and $5.99 per minute.

Friend PC

You may get compensated for a company with FriendPC. You may use this platform to text, phone, and chat with your pals. Most people who sign up or make friend requests want help, whether it’s for their personal or professional lives.

With this service, you may decide your rates and schedule calls or other contacts with your buddy customer in accordance with what was agreed upon. The average hourly wage is between $165 and $200. You could possibly receive payment that day.


You might not be aware of this, but PenPalWorld is a search engine rather than the conventional platform for making online pals. You may immediately connect with folks from across the world who share your interests using the platform’s exclusive algorithm.

There are more than 3 million people actively using this site right now. Additionally, opening an account is free of charge. Following the first clearance, you may immediately begin speaking with pals.

You may, however, choose to purchase a VIP membership, which entitles you to 50 daily contacts with pals. However, this connection may only be made three times each day with a free account.

Chat Recruit

A respectable UK-based business called Chat Recruit offers adult-focused online buddy jobs including adult chat, HD webcam talks, and psychic phone consultations.

On their busy chat lines, the corporation compensates chat hostesses or cam models. Try this platform if you feel comfortable participating in or listening to adult conversations or activities.

Adult conversations are minutely charged. The website does not, however, list its prices. However, according to Glassdoor, chat operators may earn an average of $4,158 each month. Depending on your options, you will either get bi-monthly or monthly payments. UK-based hosts and operators of adult chat rooms might get paid every week.


You can be paid to be a buddy online on Freelancer. You might make money by conversing, chatting, and accomplishing tasks for other people online.

Freelancer offers you eight free bids as a new user. You may now place bids on eight services or tasks for anybody, including online buddies.

Once you’ve used up your eight free bids, you may place even more bids by upgrading to a paid membership. Your daily earnings as a virtual buddy for Freelancer might reach $100.


Some individuals pay a buddy to acquire a new language, skill, or information. Lastly, becoming an online instructor is another option to earn money as an online buddy.

Preply is different from other online teaching platforms in that it doesn’t demand official credentials or years of expertise. Anyone who enjoys sharing their knowledge and life experiences with others and has strong communication skills is eligible to apply and teach. The fees are decided by the tutors, who often bill between $15 and $25 per hour. In the end, it will depend on your desired rate and length of service.

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