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How to Get Work Visa in Japan?

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A Japan Work Visa is required for visitors to Japan who intend to work for pay. Japan offers three different kinds of work visas:

  • The common Japan Work Visa may be obtained for a variety of jobs like professor or artist.
  • Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa is given utilizing a point-based framework and offers a more drawn-out time of stay and extra advantages contrasted with an essential Work Visa.
  • A Japan working occasion visa is given to residents of nations with which Japan has a functioning occasion understanding.
  • The standard Japanese Work Visa

All this will be covered in depth in this article, along with eligibility conditions, application procedures, visa terms, etc.

You may penetrate a previously unexplored market and build new partnerships by opening a business facility in Japan. However, growth also necessitates the hiring of a complete staff or the relocation of certain personnel from your parent firm to Japan. For every single international employee, you must also understand how to obtain a work visa in Japan.

Work Visa Categories In Japan

Depending on an expatriate’s occupation and motivation for migrating to Japan, Japan offers close to 30 different work permits and long-term visas. There are particular work visas available for many professions, including those for skilled workers, journalists, academics, teachers, artists, and more. The length of the employee’s stay in Japan depends depend on the sort of permission they apply for. Usually, the duration is between three months to five years.

Japan recently offered particular skills visas in addition to work permits for vocations, including:

  • Specified Skilled Worker Visa: Foreign employees who are traveling to Japan to fill job openings in particular labor areas are eligible for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa. By 2025, Japan aspires to have welcomed 500,000 additional foreign employees.
  • Specified Skills Visa 1-SSV1: Only skilled employees in certain areas, including shipbuilding, farming, nursing care, and certain others, may apply for the Specified Skills Visa 1-SSV1. Both technical and Japanese language examinations are required. The one-year visa is renewable for an additional one to five years. The visa 2-SSV2 must be applied for if the applicant intends to remain for more than five years.
  • Specified Skills Visa 2-SSV2: Holders of this visa may bring their families to Japan and renew it forever. Only after achieving a higher degree of expertise in their area can individuals who are already residing and working in Japan on a Visa 1-SSV1 apply for this particular visa.

How to Get Work Visa in Japan?

Before getting a work permit or visa, those traveling to Japan for any purpose other than tourism must acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). An applicant’s legal right to enter Japan for purposes of job, family, or another acceptable cause will be confirmed by the COE. Employees must possess this certificate before continuing with the visa application procedure.

Remember that each visa may have different criteria. A CV and an original university degree or certificate, for instance, may be required in order to apply for a work visa in Japan. Other common requirements include:

  • Job offer from a Japanese company
  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Photograph

Required Documents

The following supporting documents must be submitted with your application for a Japan Work Visa:

  • The eligibility certificate
  • Application for a work visa for Japan completed and signed. The application form is available for download on the Japan Ministry of
  • Foreign Affairs website (here).
  • Your current passport and copies of it
  • Passport-size photos that meet the requirements of Size: 4 cm by 3 cm taken in the last three months, a backdrop that is pure white and devoid of any patterns and shadows
  • You must face front and maintain a neutral look as you begin.
  • You really want to have an unmistakable face view.
  • The image must be of high quality (focused, clear, and sharp)
  • Evidence of your prior academic and professional background in writing
  • Documents pertaining to the receiving firm, including statements of profit and loss, profit and loss statements, etc.
  • Depending on your job, any further documentation that the Japanese Embassy or Consulate wants

How much does a work visa for Japan cost?

The following fees apply to visas for Japan:

  • Visa for a single entry: 3,000 Yen
  • Visa with two or more entries: 6,000 Yen


  • The cost is only due if your application is accepted.
  • In the event that you apply through an association, they will charge you an extra help expense.
  • Contingent upon the country you are applying from, the neighborhood cash, and your ethnicity, the cost of a visa might change.

How To Apply For Japan Work Visa?

To apply for a work visa in Japan, you must first obtain a sponsor, who is usually an employer. To get the COE, the local sponsoring entity or the person must submit an application to the regional immigration bureau. Following are the steps in the COE application process:

  • Delivering a fully finished application
  • Providing a return postal envelope with a 392-yen stamp submitting a 4cm x 3cm photo
  • Assembling the necessary supporting documentation
  • Delivering a letter of assurance

Your employee must also submit a points computation if they are requesting a visa for certain talents. To be given consideration for a visa, candidates must receive more than 70 points under the points system, which will grade them according to their skills. You must additionally provide the following paperwork as an employer for the visa application process:

  • Written assurance
  • Request letter
  • Applicants for visas list
  • Information about your business or group
  • Japan travel itinerary

Obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility

The Japanese Immigration Services requires a Certificate of Eligibility from each outsider entering Japan for a delayed timeframe. Your support (boss) is responsible for taking care of the COE application (since it must be submitted in Japan). The Certificate of Eligibility for Japan is simply a necessity; the Japan Work Visa is as yet required. The Japan Work Visa application must still be made from your place of residence. Any pertinent documentation must be sent to them.

The Japan Work Visa is still required, and the Certificate of Eligibility for Japan is only a prerequisite. You must still apply for a Japan Work Visa from your home country.

However, the COE does serve as proof that you have the Japanese Immigration Services’ permission and that you adhere to the entrance standards established by the Japanese government for foreign employees. after you

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