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How To Make Easy Money Using Quizzes?

A quiz is a fun method to find out how much you know about a certain topic. They can be as simple or as complex as you choose, on any subject, from history to popular culture. But why are tests so well-liked? The fact that they are typically quick and simple to complete, requiring little work on your part, is part of their attraction.


Quizzes can also be a fantastic tool to test your knowledge of the material or learn new information. Of course, there is also the element of competition; everyone enjoys comparing themselves to others. There’s no denying that quizzing is a favorite pastime for many individuals, whether you’re quizzing for knowledge or enjoyment.

How To Make Quizzes?

You must really start writing exams and quizzes before you can start earning money from them.

FlexiQuiz has a straightforward user interface that is simple to use for everyone, making it easy to design a quiz or course. You can make captivating, slick-looking tests and quizzes without downloading any specialized software or having any programming experience.

You can select from a variety of features when creating your quiz, including several question formats, the ability to submit supporting materials, and the option to give immediate feedback or wait until the test is finished to do so.

What You Can Do To Monetize Your Quizzes?

After finishing a quiz, you can choose to include a payment page (if you are a Premium or Enterprise plan member with FlexiQuiz).

The process of adding a payment page is simple once your quiz has been set up. Simply pick “Sell” under the Configuration tab, then enter the conditions you want to sell your exams or quizzes under. For example, you can decide on your quiz’s price, place a cap on the number of times it can be completed, and include any terms of sale, coupon coupons, or test bundles.

Your quizzes can be purchased for whatever price you choose. But there is a minimum amount, which varies based on your location. These sums are as follows, broken down by nation:

  • 1 USD
  • 10 Rand
  • 100 Rupees
  • 1 Canadian Dollar
  • 1 Euro
  • 1 GBP
  • 1 Australian Dollar
  • 1 New Zealand Dollar

To charge test takers and receive payment, you must link a Stripe account to your quiz or test. A page requesting card payment via Stripe will be presented to visitors before they can take your test. Payment only takes a few minutes, therefore nobody should be discouraged from continuing with your quiz because of this inconvenience.

How To Promote Quizzes?

You are free to spread the word about your quizzes everywhere you like.

Promoting your quiz on your website or social media networks can be a terrific method to make cash as more people take it if it is intended to educate, inform, or amuse people.

Offering unique discount codes is one way to draw attention to your tests and advertise them. Try giving vouchers to the first 100 people to comment on a post if you have a social media following. Alternately, choose ten people at random to receive a code. It’s a fantastic method to raise awareness of your quiz and increase engagement.

Avoid overcharging for your quizzes as a general rule. Based on the test’s content, length, and participant count, consider how much you might be willing to spend. Instead of charging excessive fees to a small number of very selective people who want to take the quiz, it may be preferable to sell your quizzes to a larger audience and increase your income that way.

Yes, you may earn money by selling quizzes. Concentrate on high-quality material and topics that interest readers. When done properly, you can actually make a great little bit of extra money from your quizzes and keep making more as the money keeps coming in.

How to Write & Earn Money Writing Quizzes?

Anybody can profit from their own quizzes. To make the most of it, follow these tips for making money writing trivia questions:

Make Some Research

It’s crucial to do your research and learn what kinds of quizzes your target audience prefers before you start composing. Look at previous successful tests of this type to see if you can spot any trends or recurring themes.

Keep it Brief and Simple

Make sure your quiz questions are brief and direct because nobody wants to spend hours taking one. Focusing on a single subject for each quiz is the most effective strategy for doing this. This will assist you in keeping your quiz focused and preventing rambling.

Make it Interesting

Your quiz should be entertaining, enjoyable to complete, and a tonne of fun (think pub quiz questions). Consider including illustrations or utilizing humor to make your trivia questions more interesting. By introducing questions that ask participants to enter their own responses, you can also make your quiz interactive.

Make it Difficult

Your quiz should be complex enough to keep users interested, but not too challenging that they quit before finishing it. The secret is to strike a balance between the kind of questions posed and your capacity for providing accurate answers to specific inquiries. When you start adding questions, consider putting time limitations or multiple-choice questions to make your quiz more difficult.

Offer rewards

Giving out rewards is an excellent approach to get people to take your quiz. You might provide a discount on your goods or services or award a prize to the quiz taker with the highest score. You may also pay people to take quizzes and provide them with other kinds of points.

How Much Money Can You Make?

It can be very profitable to create and sell quizzes. Your earnings will vary depending on the length, level of difficulty, and subject of your quiz. However, you might be able to make a lot of money if you design engaging quizzes that consumers like.

The cost of each quiz could be somewhere between a few dollars and a few hundred. You will need to produce a lot of quizzes and promote them well if you want to write quizzes as your full-time job. However, creating a few quizzes can be a wonderful method to do it if you’re just seeking to use trivia questions to earn some additional cash.

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