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14 Online Jobs With Good Salary


The manner in that people make money in today’s society is always evolving. Why not be paid to work from home performing an online job? For decades, many office positions involved sitting at a computer all day long.


Companies are increasingly allowing workers or contractors who never set foot in an office to work remotely. Online employment is widespread and in high demand.

This article will categorize various online jobs by kind, outline the experience that is necessary, and assist you in selecting the position that is best for you.


1. Online form-filling jobs

Form filling jobs are data entry jobs that require online form completion. Forms must be physically filled out, while certain areas may be filled out automatically by the software. The majority of job candidates fill out paper applications by hand.

The documentation will be sent to you by your employer, and you will be given online instructions to finish it. Each form has to be one page long. Forms for taxes, refunds, personal information, etc. may be included. Do not pay for any software, and avoid accepting employment offers that promise to meet unrealistic goals.


How Much Money Can You Make Filling Out Forms?

Your pay as a novice form-filler is totally dependent upon the employer.

Companies can choose to pay by project, per hour, or per work. Thusly, it relies heavily on how rapidly you work and how long you put in, similarly likewise with other outsourcing positions.

The typical data entry clerk in the US makes $15.49 per hour, according to Indeed (although you don’t have to live in the country to work for American businesses). If you are paid per project, your pay increases as you work more quickly. Additionally, although $15.49 per hour won’t translate into a life-changing six-figure salary, it might be used as a flexible side income.

2. Content Writing

The term “content writing” has grown increasingly common over time as traditional forms of promotion become less and less effective. Companies from all industries have come to the realization that traditional outbound marketing strategies are no longer effective in the digital age.

Businesses may encourage customer loyalty and brand engagement by using content writing to emotionally connect with their target market. Since emotive content is crucial for everything from email and social media advertising to blogging and SEO methods, content production usually marks the beginning of any digital marketing strategy.

In the current digital era, the practice of organizing, creating, and disseminating web material is referred to as content authoring. Content writers may be required to edit and market the material in addition to writing it.

Customers are attracted to a certain brand, product, or website via inbound marketing strategies like content writing.

In the US, a content writer with 1-4 years of experience can expect to make around $49,204 per year. Content writers with experience (10–19 years) might make about $60,000 a year.

3. Typing Jobs:

In the digital age, work-from-home employment has grown in popularity. One profession that allows you to utilize your abilities to generate a stable income while working from home is typing.

To start a typing career, you’ll need some basic tools. You need a laptop or personal computer with a decently fast internet connection in order to work from home. Prior to beginning typing work, it is a good idea to get quality keyboarding equipment. Typing tools include programs like plagiarism detectors, word and character counters, grammar and spell checkers, code view interfaces, and PDF readers. The majority of typing applications are free, and they may speed up your work and save you time.

The average pay for typing positions

An entry-level typing position typically pays $2,08,965 annually. A typist’s base compensation can go to $3,71,393 per year depending on their education, training, and experience. You can work for companies and clients located abroad by using remote employment.

In wealthy nations, typing occupations often pay more. Make sure your bank accepts foreign payments if you want to apply for jobs abroad. Payments can also be received using online wallets connected to your nearby bank accounts.

4. Data Entry

Operators in the data entry industry enter, check, and modify digital data in databases and computers. Many organizations now routinely request staff to input market research findings into electronic systems, add original data to databases, and update sales figures in electronic forms over the course of a working day due to the rise in digitalization.

How Much Do Jobs That Involve Data Entry Pay?

According to PayScale, data entry positions generally pay between $11 and $17 per hour, with higher pay rates going to those with the most training and experience. In general, the pay is $14.41 per hour.

The need for extra positions in customer service or office management may also have an impact on the pay for a data entry clerk. For example, a data processor may be required in the hotel and travel sectors to track customer bookings and reservations, as well as changes and cancellations to schedules.

5. Transcription

An individual who converts recorded speech, such as medical terms, into written form is known as a transcriptionist. The work frequently involves listening to audio recordings and typing up what is heard using a stenotype machine or a word processing tool.

As a transcriptionist is typically entrusted with ensuring that erroneous grammar is cleaned up and rectified before submitting a written copy, the work may be difficult, time-consuming, but also gratifying.

You may do broad transcribing if you’d like, but some professional transcribers choose to focus on a particular subject, like law or medicine. An entry-level transcriptionist who wants to develop expertise and handle many subjects is usually best off working as a generic transcriptionist. It could aid them in determining if they want to specialize or continue working as general transcriptionists.

6. Copy Paste Jobs

You may work from home in a variety of ways to earn money. Copy Paste jobs are one of them.

The work is quite comparable to different data entry professions. Copy and paste tasks, however, differ slightly. When compared to data entry jobs, they are quite simple. The position is not technical, and neither a degree nor prior work experience is necessary.

How much can you make?

How much money can you make doing copy and paste work? Well, that depends on the business you work for as well as how much labor you are ready to accept.

I’ll give you a rough estimate of the earnings. Typically, they pay based on how many submissions you submit each day. It depends on the number of entries a file has and the total number of files in the project. You may earn between $75 and $85 per month if you take on a few assignments.

7. Call Center

You can gain the experience and knowledge necessary for future customer-facing professions by working in a contact center. Working in a contact center can be a good entry-level position for you if you are engaged in a customer service position. By studying more about the duties of a call center representative and how these offices run, you can determine if this is the ideal working environment for you. In this article, we define call centers, explain how they operate, list some responsibilities and competencies of call center personnel, and examine the advantages and disadvantages of working in a call center.

Call centers have their ups and downs, just like any other employment. However, ensuring you enjoy your work to the utmost requires that you prepare with the appropriate abilities, comprehend the duties of the role, and see your function as an integral part of the client experience.

8. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the process of imparting knowledge to a student or knowledge recipient through the Internet via a tutor, knowledge provider, or expert. The surprising rise in popularity of online tutoring is largely attributable to the world’s rising computer usage. Online tutoring functions quite similarly to conventional one-on-one physical tutoring.

Online tutoring is a virtual learning approach where struggling students may receive assistance from local, national, and even foreign tutors. To connect students with tutors, a variety of media, including email, video conferencing, and note-sharing are typically employed. They don’t often interact in person.

9. Voice Over Artist

An individual who works behind the camera to narrate a scene or give out information is called a voice-over. Voice-over artists can find employment prospects in the television, film, radio, and music sectors. These people do voice-over work. Finding out more about these occupations will enable you to determine which career path will be most satisfying for you. This article examines the many careers available to voice actors, as well as their average pay and wide range of abilities.

Average voice-over artists pay

A voice-over artist makes, on average, $30 a month. The artists will have the possibility to collaborate with several customers in the entertainment sector with this opportunity, which can be part-time or full-time. Most voice actors can choose from a variety of flexible work schedules and work-from-home options.

10. Proofreading

Each job description for a proofreader lists duties that are particular to the organization, but the core duty of every proofreading position is to carefully examine a piece of writing to make sure it is at its finest. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems are caught by proofreaders. They also check the formatting to ensure that all parts are there and appear as they should, identifying issues such as sentences that are mistakenly repeated or removed, headlines that aren’t bold, or documents that lack dates.

The average hourly salary for proofreaders, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $21.48. Publishers of newspapers, periodicals, books, and directories, as well as businesses that provide scientific and technical services, business support services, employment services, and advertising and public relations agencies, employ the most proofreaders.

11. Virtual Assistant

A virtual Assistant with a focus on providing administrative support to customers from a distant location—typically a home office—is known as a virtual assistant.
A virtual assistant may typically handle chores including making phone calls, booking trips, maintaining email accounts, and arranging appointments.

Salary of a virtual assistant

In India, a virtual assistant makes an average pay of $23,713 per month. Your education, credentials, and experience are just a few of the variables that might affect your specific salary. Independent virtual assistants could make more money than those who work for an agency, and the kind of tasks carried out and services provided can also have an impact on pay.

12. Freelancing

Working for oneself instead of another person is what freelancing entails. Freelancers are independent contractors who take on jobs as they come along.

The answer to the question “what roles do freelancers perform?” is that they play practically all of them. As a freelancer, you can select from a variety of fields, including writing, editing, consulting, marketing, modeling, ICT, virtual administration, management of social media, etc. Freelancers frequently have advanced degrees in their fields and operate on their own. They can, however, also collaborate in person.

Top 5 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs:

  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Designing Graphics for the Web
  • Writing content

13. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer surrounds us in a variety of ways, including print and digital media. Graphic design is a kind of communication that employs colors, shapes, images, and text to produce this visual content. Effective designs are essential to the success of any business because they effectively convey information to consumers in a way that inspires and informs them.

What are graphic designers paid?

The typical annual wage for graphic designers, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is $50,710 as of 2021, or $24.38 per hour. The top end of the salary spectrum often belonged to those in the advertising and public relations industries.

14. Online Support

In order to help customers that need particular assistance, a collection of activities and processes is referred to as customer support. They can have inquiries about your company or product, or they might be having problems with one of your offerings.

Before contacting a live professional, 81% of consumers will make an effort to resolve their issues on their own. However, you must make sure that you give them the tools they need if they are unable to resolve any problems.

Your customer service job description will be well worth the effort you took to develop and write it.

A well-written job description performs a lot of filtering on your behalf, saving you and your candidates’ time. It will also serve as a template for your hiring and interviewing procedures, serving as a direction for your company’s requirements.


Job NameDaily Payment Per HoursWorking HoursYearly Salary
Writing$13-$204-5 Hours$40000-$52500
Editing and Proofreading$15-255-6 Hours$46800-$65500
Typing$23 – $487-8 Hours$55000-$75540
Transcription$13- $206-8 Hours$30000 -$48300
Data Entry$15- $256-8 Hours$32000 -$54300
Virtual Assistant$20- $305-6 Hours$41000 -$59300
Tutoring$15- $257-8 Hours$32000 -$54300
Freelancing$20- $304-6 Hours$32000 -$54300
Graphic Designer$15- $255-6 Hours$25000 -$54300
Online Support$15- $257-8 Hours$25000 -$44300

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