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Resume Writing Jobs: How To Apply?

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Professional summaries must be written by resume writers for their clients. In this position, you would deal directly with a person who required a well-written CV. The customer would supply you with information on their job credentials, work experience, talents, and areas of expertise, and you would take that data and create a paper that is interesting and catches the reader’s attention.


Application Process For Resume Writer Jobs

1. Earn your bachelor’s degree

Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, Journalism, or a related field of study is the first step in becoming a resume writer. Strong writing and editing abilities are required, and having a business background can also help you become familiar with the terminology used in the workplace.

Consider enrolling in some of the human resources courses your college or university offers or obtaining a minor in this field of study. Having experience in human resources is beneficial when creating resumes for job seekers who wish to stand out since these professionals are extensively involved in the recruiting process and analyze applicants’ resumes when they arrive.

2. Search for internship openings

Look for internship opportunities during or after your time in college to obtain practical experience. Since many resume writers work for themselves, you might not be able to work as a resume writing intern, but you might discover opportunities to collaborate with HR specialists or hiring managers to examine applications and determine what makes excellent resumes stand out.

By learning more about what hiring managers are looking for in resumes and participating in the reviewing and hiring process as an intern, you may improve your resume writing abilities.

3. Acquire expertise

Starting to write resumes is the greatest approach to getting experience. To hone your abilities and gain experience creating an interesting and attractive description of someone’s background and employment history, ask your friends and relatives if you can create resumes for them. Additionally, you might seek volunteer opportunities with groups that aid in job placement and other organizations of the same kind.

4. Attend seminars

Workshops that educate people on how to create professional resumes are frequently held by colleges, universities, and professional groups. You may develop your abilities and learn more about resume writing by attending these seminars. A workshop could go through how to format a resume correctly, how to list references, what a goal is for, and other essential elements of a strong resume.

5. Obtain a license

Resume writers have the opportunity to become certified through organizations like the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). Going through the certification procedure might demonstrate your dedication to your trade and allow you to charge extra for every resume you produce.

Due to their established credentials, certified resume writers’ salaries may be greater than the average for non-certified resume writers.

In order to get certified, candidates often need to submit a portfolio of resume and cover letter examples and pass written and practical exams proving their expertise in the field and resume writing abilities. You have the option of choosing to be listed in the association’s searchable directory if you receive certification from the PARW, which can aid clients in finding you and making service requests.

6. Locate clients

Gaining the education and abilities required to put your skills to use and create resumes for job seekers may be accomplished by understanding how to become a professional resume writer. Finding clients that wish to employ your services is the last stage before you can stand out from other candidates while applying for available opportunities.

Through professional social media and network sites, internet ads, and even your own professional network, you may get clients. Another strategy to attract customers and establish connections with those searching for expert resume writing aid is to create a website that showcases your abilities and provides information about the services you do.

Where to Find Jobs Writing Resumes for Novices

It’s time to look at where to locate these resume writing jobs now that you understand what resume writing is.

Remember that as you develop your skills as a content writer, you may begin submitting your CV to websites that offer resume writing services.

1. People per hour

An internet marketplace called PeoplePerHour connects job seekers with independent contractors. As a resume writer, you just register, make your profile and contact prospective clients with bids and proposals.

2. Fiverr

I would advise getting your feet wet on  Fiverr when you are just starting out as a resume writer! Despite the fact that you won’t be making a lot of money on Fiverr, it’s a terrific method to network and build experience.

3. WriterBay

On WriterBay, you may discover resume writing employment if you have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject. They provide both full-time and part-time hours on a flexible work schedule.

4. Upwork

Finding freelance CV writing tasks on Upwork is another low-paying “foot in the door” possibility. Although Upwork performs an excellent job of connecting authors with clients, you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money from your job hunt, just like on Fiverr.

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