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Top 12 Highest-Paying Weekend Part Time Jobs in Dubai


Dubai has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most important cities. Because of its imposing contemporary architecture, opulent lodgings, superb dining, and a shoppers’ paradise with everything from traditional marketplaces to high fashion stores, it has become a well-known tourism destination. So, it makes sense that experts from many sectors are looking for employment chances in Dubai. The nation not only has a thriving employment market, but it is also a beautiful location to live.

Securing a job before moving overseas is one of the key pieces of advice for doing work abroad. This is particularly true in Dubai, where obtaining both a resident visa and a work permit requires the sponsorship of an employer. Choose a position that not only fits your skill set and offers an essential experience for your career, but also pays you well to make the move worthwhile.


To that aim, we’ve compiled a list of Dubai’s highest-paying positions. It should help you determine which sectors are the most profitable as well as if your combination of training and experience will enable you to land one of the top jobs.

1. Content Writer

Writing blog entries, articles, social media postings, and other types of material for businesses is what a content writer normally does. Work in a company or marketing agency if you’re thinking about becoming a freelance writer. Also, you have the choice to sign up for one of the numerous online platforms for independent contractors and start soliciting clients there.


Estimated pay: You might make roughly AED 36 per hour as a content writer.

Although most organizations require content writing services, marketing agencies are more likely to have these positions available. You may also sign up and advertise your services on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, as was previously suggested.

2. Taxi/ride-sharing driver

People must be picked up and driven safely and effectively to their destinations by cab drivers and rideshare drivers.

Skills Necessary

  • Ability to drive safely
  • Orientation abilities
  • Talents in communication
  • Talents with time management
  • AED 75.23 per hour is the anticipated salary or hourly rate.

Businesses Hiring

  • Professional Services by Emirates
  • Cleaning Services for Buildings at Touq Al Yasmeen
  • Five Tech International

3. Marketing Director

The average yearly wage is AED349,200 ($95,090). Dubai is a city where creative companies thrive. Marketing directors have a variety of job options available to them across a range of sectors for those with the required professional expertise.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance, or a related discipline can be required. Moreover, two to four years of professional experience will be essential. Knowledge of design, art, and computers is also advantageous.

Networking can help you uncover a range of marketing roles because many job openings aren’t even published. Marketing directors may make a good living and live well in Dubai. Travel may be required as part of the employment.

4. Editor

In your role as an editor, you will proofread writers’ work and correct any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Also, you’ll adjust where required to make the text easier to read. Yet you need to have a strong command of the English language to work as an editor.

Salary can be expected: You may make roughly AED 95 per hour.

Editor positions are available in a wide range of businesses, including newspapers, websites, marketing firms, and others.

5. Cashier

At shops, cashiers ring up purchases and bag them for consumers.

Skills Necessary

  • Talents in communication
  • Knowledge of customers
  • Observation of details
  • Mathematics basics

AED 41.18 per hour is the anticipated salary or hourly rate.

Afaq Alam Group Destination Hotels and Colorist Trading are the companies that are hiring.

6. Pilot

The typical yearly wage is AED388,800 ($105,870).

The bulk of layovers on flights to Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia are at Dubai, where Emirates Airlines operates the most lengthy flights. A center for international travel is Dubai.

The aviation industry is expanding so quickly in Dubai that there is a constant need for qualified pilots. Becoming a pilot in Dubai is a lucrative, well-paying job that also comes with a number of professional benefits.

But, in order to be considered, you must have five to 10 years of commercial flying experience. It goes without saying that you must also have the required education and credentials in order to operate as a pilot in Dubai. All pilots are required to complete a competence test and a simulator exam to ensure they are qualified for the profession. Pilots just starting out could plan on a smooth ladder ascension that starts with a junior position.

7. Social Media Professional

Businesses today require a social media presence to promote their brands or products. By providing content, conversing and engaging with consumers, and helping these businesses develop trust and loyalty with their audience, you will assist businesses in developing and maintaining their social media presence.

The estimated hourly pay for a social media professional is around AED 31, on average.

Marketing firms often have part-time positions available, or you may work as a freelancer to provide services to businesses.

8. Graphic Designer

For businesses, graphic designers develop logos and other visuals.

Skills Necessary

  • Creativity
  • Observation of details
  • Management of time
  • Customer service abilities and communication skills

AED 56.90 per hour is the anticipated salary or hourly rate.

The Digital Whales Planet is the company that is hiring for the desired jobs.

9. College Professor

AED469,200 ($127,760) is the average yearly wage. There are several universities and colleges in Dubai that grant degrees in a wide range of subjects and accept both domestic and international students. So, there is a huge demand for college teachers who can instruct at all levels.

A master’s or doctorate degree in the subject area is necessary for any academic teaching post. Also, if you have teaching experience, you will stand out from the competitors. Thus, college instructors in Dubai may look forward to outstanding pay rates and a variety of benefits.

10. Customer Service Representative

Call center jobs, commonly known as customer service positions, are a fantastic chance for weekend part-time employment. Many companies that sell goods or provide services to the general public require customer service personnel who can respond to inquiries from consumers and assist them in resolving any issues they may run into. Telecommunications firms, internet service providers, and similar enterprises are perfect examples of these businesses.

Estimated pay: The hourly rate for a customer service professional is typically about AED 22.

Businesses hiring: You may discover positions as a customer support representative with firms such as software developers, cell phone providers, Internet service providers, and more.

11. Translator

Information is communicated verbally or in writing by translators from one language to another.

Skills Necessary

  • Linguistic proficiency Communication ability
  • Observation of details
  • Hourly Rate or Estimated Salary: 89.43 AED

Businesses Hiring

  • Gravity Consulting
  • Version O
  • Ziada Legal Translation

12. Chief Financial Officer

AED549,600 ($149,650) is the average yearly wage.

Due to the increasing number of enterprises and startups in Dubai, the need for chief financial officers (CFOs) has never been higher.

A CFO is required to oversee and manage a company’s financial operations. You must have a degree in accounting, finance, management, or business in addition to three to seven years of relevant experience gained while employed by a respectable company in order to be considered. The financial sector in Dubai accounts for the majority of CFO posts.

Although the pay structure is dependent on experience, it also provides a number of benefits. CFOs in Dubai, where frequent travel is necessary, benefit from being fluent in Arabic.

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