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08 Crazy & Unique Ways To Make $10,000 In A Month


Not all of us are naturally good at making some additional cash on the side and saving it for a rainy day. The majority of individuals really have a natural tendency to spend money, which is the exact opposite of the type of financial habits you’ll need to develop if you want to better your situation.

What transpires, though, if you are required to raise a sizable quantity of money, let’s say $10,000? There are several respectable side businesses that may earn you at least $10,000 a year, despite the Walter White from Breaking Bad images that may be dancing through your brain.


What could you accomplish this year if you had an additional $10,000? Could you settle a debt? Invest in a retirement account? Accumulate sufficient funds to move for house ownership? Why not spend your spare money on a great secondhand car? The great news is that we can all get there by exploring one or more of these tested side hustles, even if we would all spend the money differently if we had it.

1. Sweepstakes, game shows, and more

If you never play, you can’t win. And participating in contests, game shows, and other events has the potential to pay you handsomely. But a lot of people disregard this as a fruitless endeavor. The good news is that entering as many sweepstakes and competitions as you can actually just take up your time.


Let’s start by discussing gameshows. The Price Is Right or the newest episode of The Wall comes to mind. Many people are unaware that you might have a decent chance of appearing on these shows just by making an effort. A wonderful article regarding a tactic that will all but ensure you a position on the program can be found here. And if you persevere until the finish, you may be rewarded with prizes worth $20,000 or more! Unquestionably not anything to laugh about.

2. Register with Amazon Associates

Do you have any knowledge of the Amazon Affiliates programme? It enables you to link to any item offered on Amazon from your website or blog and pays you a commission on any sales you are responsible for.

The program’s finest feature is that you don’t have to participate in the transaction directly. You receive a predetermined portion of any purchases made (within 24 hours) by someone who accesses Amazon using your link (ranging from 1 percent to 10 percent, depending on the category).

3. Sell all of your possessions

How much of your possessions do you actually need? Insurance firms estimate that most persons have roughly $20,000 worth of personal property in their houses or apartments, according to a variety of studies. This comprises all household items, such as furniture, electronics, cookware, and clothing.

Although you don’t have to sell everything, you could certainly locate $10,000 worth of unnecessary items if you really tried. For instance, since almost anybody uses living rooms anymore, do you really need a couch in both your living room and family room? Do you still require a DVD library?

Selling your belongings may be freeing and financially rewarding. Indeed, research has been done to examine the Paradox of Choice.

4. Write blog posts for money

Possess you have a talent for writing? If so, there are a tonne of internet business options available to you. Many are ready to pay top prices for high-quality blog entries that can be utilized to increase traffic to their pages since the content is the lifeblood of websites.

By pitching your blog pieces to websites that allow paid guest authors, you may make up to $1,000 per month if you can find a method to publish specialized material on a variety of different themes.

5. Real estate investment with friends

Perhaps you want to increase your return and see if you can earn $10,000 per year if you have a small amount of money to invest. We’ve discussed ways to generate $50,000 in passive income annually, but what if your first goal is to generate $10,000?

We now have a lot of enthusiasm for crowd-funded real estate options. In essence, this enables you to combine your funds with “friends” and others to buy a house. You will receive a percentage of the property’s income as well as any appreciation that occurs when it is sold, just as with traditional real estate investing.

6. Conduct Marriages

Many of us are at a point in life where we appear to have weddings for every single friend we can think of. Or perhaps the kids of your buddy are getting married. Well, since you’re going to be at weddings anyhow, why not volunteer to officiate the ceremony to earn some additional cash?

Getting a license is really simple. You may become an ordained minister in a couple of minutes through a number of websites and online churches (and for just a few dollars). Although officiating a wedding requires some labor, you may typically charge between $300 and $500 for the service.

7. Food Delivery

Have you ever thought of using a service like Postmates, Caviar, or Eat Club to sign up and deliver food as a side gig on the weekends and throughout the evenings? Although it might not be as innovative or enterprising as some of the other side jobs, it can still be a successful way to spend your time.

When there is a need, it is pretty simple to get recruited by a meal delivery service, an app business, or even a pizza shop in your neighborhood if you are responsible, have some versatility in your schedule, and own a car. Most will pay about minimum wage, but the big money comes from tips, which you get to keep.

8. Take Up the Freelance Game

Being a freelancer now is a terrific idea! It is overwhelming how many chances there are to make money online. There are probably online tasks you can perform that you may get paid for if you have any kind of expertise, from writing to analytical work to finance.

If you can write, for instance, you might easily make $800 or more a month working as a freelance writer for blogs and other websites. In fact, it’s how I first began earning money online. For $20, I would compose a quick 300-word piece. At my height, I was personally making over $2,000 per month from freelance writing, but it took a lot of articles to get there.

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