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10 Highest-Paying Animation Jobs

Animated innovations and diversion are rapidly assuming control over the market according to organizations’ and customers’ inclinations. This has set out numerous animation work open doors in different enterprises, for example, amusement, website architecture, publicizing, designing, science, and medication.

10 Highest-Paying Animation Jobs

Animators make interesting and imaginative substances for films, advertisements, computer games, versatile applications, and different media. A region never becomes old, and in the event that you have an interest in software engineering or creative capacity, you ought to think about seeking a lifelong in animation.

Visual Advancement Craftsman

Envision having the artistic freedom to set the style, temperament, and variety range for all components of an animated undertaking – which is the thrilling job of a visual improvement craftsman. When a maker and essayist lay out a storyline, the craftsman imagines the characters, settings, scenes, structures, and scenes to establish the plot.

Glassdoor, an internet-based work website, reports the typical compensation for visual improvement craftsmen at DreamWorks Animation at $99,023. The reach is $78,715 to $205,542. Another business webpage, ZipRecruiter, states the middle pay at just $57,447 in view of late employment opportunities posted on their site. That is a $40,000 distinction!

Character Specialized Chief

Working in the computer game and entertainment worlds, this expert purposes complex programming to supply the actual attributes of individuals, animals, and mechanical articles. Models are skin, muscle, hair, garments, and props.

The BLS doesn’t report this calling. As per SalaryList, the typical compensation in the US for a Person Specialized Chief is $104,000. People sufficiently lucky to work at DreamWorks Animation will have a typical pay going from $87,092 to $189,142. Commonly, spotters look for up-and-comers who’ve dealt with promoted games for computer game turn of events, ideally with AAA status, meaning creations from a studio with a powerful financial plan.

3D Modeler

In computer games and element films, a 3D modeler might plan the landscape, including tweaking set lighting, shadows, and brilliance. Then, the modeler positions the camera, picking the best review point. When static pictures are finished, animators can employ their enchantment, enabling figures with appearing development.

Contingent upon the source, pay rates can be unremarkable. records the typical pay at $53,042, and ZipRecruiter is about something very similar at $50,544. Another organization, PC Vocations, has the middle compensation at $65,640, naming Wisconsin as paying the least at $43,483 and California as paying the most at $77,707.

Animation Craftsmanship Chief

At top of the animation group, the craftsmanship chief establishes the visual vibe for media pictures. Perusing the content is the initial step to figuring out the whole undertaking prior to meeting with the chief and the workmanship division staff.

They may likewise meet with financial backers (clients) simultaneously as the chief and makers. They likewise figure out what work of art is in finished products. Prior to closing down, the chief guarantees that all creative components are culminated, like movement designs, surfaces, lighting, and embellishments.

The New York Film Foundation detailed the normal compensation for the calling at $70,000 to $80,000. has a compensation scope of $83,088 to $104,398, or a normal of $91,963 as of August 2021. Nonetheless, in the event that your gifts land you at Pixar Animation Studios, you could make up to $459,000 for a specialized chief!

Forensic Animator

Forensic animation rejuvenates a wrongdoing or mishap scene with sound and visual portrayal when utilized in policing law enforcement. A crackerjack expert, this expert assists the specialist with forming proof by reproducing mishaps, violations, and human fiascos, like suicides and building breakdowns. Their mastery is critical when occurrences leave no survivors or witnesses, as in car crashes. Forensic reproductions are utilized in administrative hearings, mediation, and court preliminaries, to work with lawful activity.

As per the New York Film Foundation, the middle compensation is $20 to $100 each hour for a profoundly experienced and qualified forensic animator. Most work independently as police divisions, lawful firms, and insurance agencies don’t have an adequate need to employ a full-time animator.

Background Designer

Otherwise called climate craftsmen, those with restricted experience could get a passage-level position. As the name suggests, the designer makes the landscape around or above, or under the animation, guaranteeing that the forefront and background communicate fittingly with the activity. The work requests a high expertise level for causing and noticing detail, variety, light, and surface. They should know about engineering, scenes, and city settings for a reasonable scene.

SalaryList reports the middle compensation at $101,400 with a scope of $85,280 to $114,400 – no question with experience and a demonstrated history.


Experience and training are essential to get work in one of the lofty animation studios. Notwithstanding the animation occupation of visual improvement craftsman, character specialized chief, 3D modeler, and animation workmanship chief, there is the animator. Studios, similar to Disney, have 40 to 60 animators work on include films, for example, Frozen and Mulan, with the top animators acquiring up to $125,000 each year.

Lighting expert

Lighting experts are required in the animation business to assist with making a reasonable search in computer games, films, and different media. They foster light apparatuses to add lighting and shadow to the animated climate and make a variety of keys for layering and green screens. In the US, lighting specialists procure a mean hourly compensation of $17.31 with the possibility to acquire $36.06 each hour as you fabricate your experience.

Compositing manager

A compositing manager deals with the animation division that assembles different enhanced visualizations components. They work with printers to join animation viewpoints, for example, PC-produced pictures, enhanced visualizations, and true-to-life film to foster a firm picture.
The mean yearly compensation for compositing bosses is $122,823. High workers get more than $257,000, which likewise makes it truly outstanding and the most lucrative position in the animation business.

Computer game designer

Computer game designers assist with creating computer games by rejuvenating ongoing interaction and format ideas. They do this by composing storylines for the game and making idea craftsmanship for the characters and universes they exist in. Bosses expect the possibility to have a four-year college education in game design, software engineering, or PC programming for computer game design work.

Once utilized, you will work with game designers to foster computer game mechanics and compose codes to make the computer games. You will likewise have to test the design ideas utilizing beta applications to guarantee the result functions admirably. The mean typical compensation for computer game designers is $66,452. It is one of the most lucrative animation occupations in the U.S. with the most elevated workers getting more than $103,000 every year.

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