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20 Online Business Ideas With Little or No Startup Cost


For a small firm to get off the ground, not much money is required. Look for ideas for service-based enterprises, as they frequently have lower overhead costs than those focused on products.

Think about starting your own business with your hobbies or professional expertise. This post is for those who wish to launch their own company but are limited by their ability to pay high initial fees. The major barrier preventing many people with an entrepreneurial drive from achieving their business goals is the hefty initial fees.


However, you can start a lot of businesses today with little to no money invested if you are dedicated and work hard.

Why Start an Online Business?

It is common to attribute the demise of conventional companies and professions to technology. These new technologies are also providing a tonne of new employment and business possibilities that are open to everyone.


Getting started with an online company is now easier than ever. You may do it in the comfort of your own home with only a computer and an internet connection. To get going, there is no requirement to make substantial financial investments.

1. Create a blog and profit from it

Blogging is one of the finest ways to start an online company. Many bloggers make six figures a year, including John Lee Dumas, Darren Rowse, and Pat Flynn.

Our founder, Syed Balkhi, started with a blog and eventually established an eight-figure internet business. Thousands of bloggers also operate highly lucrative blogs as their sole source of online income.

A blog may be created fairly quickly, and there are several methods to monetize it. Using Google AdSense to display advertising on your site is one of the most well-liked ways to monetize it.

2. Start a YouTube channel

To succeed as a YouTuber, you don’t have to be the next Logan Paul. Nowadays, regardless of how esoteric the subject may be, you can locate a YouTube channel. Starting your own YouTube channel can be the solution if you enjoy the concept of producing material for a niche market but detest writing.

Most common ways that YouTubers earn money

  • Commercials (before, during, or after the video)
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate promotion

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy and cheap to start, but success demands dedication and a long-term perspective. Affiliate marketing essentially comprises you advertising the products and services of other companies in return for a commission on leads generated. All you need to get started is a blog or website and the exact product or service you want to market. You must attract a significant number of website visitors and influence them to purchase products or services from your affiliate partners in order to be successful with affiliate marketing.

4. Sell knowledge classes online

You can learn just about anything online thanks to Google and YouTube. We all have access to a flood of information, which is both great and overwhelming. The designers of courses can help with that.

It’s frequently simpler (and wiser) to merely purchase a single course from a reputable instructor rather than trying to educate yourself on a topic by piecing together fragmented material from hundreds of sources. It reduces time spent and increases learning efficiency significantly.

As a course designer, you have the opportunity to create a course once and sell it hundreds or even thousands of times. There is no revenue ceiling.

5. Create a website for drop shipping

Drop shipping mixes eCommerce and affiliate marketing. Basically, you set up an internet shop to earn commissions by selling other people’s goods. You won’t be in charge of delivery or inventory when you manage an internet business.

The main advantages of running a drop shipping business are the low entry barrier, low cost, and little to no hassle. You will have to work more to resell other people’s goods at a reduced profit margin, which is a negative.

6. Bookkeeping services

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a certified public accountant to work as a freelance bookkeeper. All you need is a mathematical aptitude and practical knowledge of the foundational accounting processes (though an associate degree in accounting or similar business experience is preferable). As an external bookkeeper, you might provide the following services:

  • Maintaining filing and accounting software
  • Releasing financial reports
  • A balance sheet is made.
  • Calculating payroll

7. Online business mentor

It should go without saying, but you probably shouldn’t be teaching others how to build an internet business if you haven’t actually done so yourself.

In spite of this, many internet company entrepreneurs have transitioned from “doing” to “teaching” at some point in their careers. If you are an expert at managing Shopify businesses, for instance, you can decide to change your focus and start working one-on-one with brand-new store owners who are just getting started.

8. Planning services for events

If you’re a highly organized, precise person who likes preparing events, you could be the perfect candidate to launch an event planning business. By managing weddings, birthday parties, and class reunions, event planners make it easier for people to host enjoyable celebrations. Organizing a few free events can help you gain the necessary experience. Utilize LinkedIn and cold calling to amass a solid vendor and contact network so you can help your clients create the event of their dreams.

9. Establish a micro jobs website

By connecting employers with freelancers and contractors on a micro jobs website, you might make money. This will provide you the opportunity to earn money based on the total cost of the work described. Millions of dollars are yearly generated by well-known micro-job posting websites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, UpWork, and others.

In essence, you will be the intermediary between employers and freelancers. Employers will pay you for each job, and once your commission has been taken out, you will deliver the remaining money to the independent contractors.

10. SEO advisor

Any business, regardless of whether it operates only online or offline, has to be discovered online. Let’s take the case of someone who runs a landscaping business in Virginia Beach.

The companies that are most likely to get customers are those who come up first in Google searches for terms like “lawn care in Virginia Beach” or “landscaping contractor near me.”

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are masters in positioning websites towards the top of search results for their targeted keywords, so it doesn’t just happen by accident.

11. Stock Photography

If you like taking pictures, you may consider selling stock images online. Businesses utilize stock images for their websites and advertisements.

Two of the most well-known stock picture websites are Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. Anyone may upload images to both sites, and you get paid each time one is downloaded. Make sure you offer the sorts of photographs customers truly need if you want to sell stock photos effectively.

12. Develop WordPress as a career

WordPress is the most widely used website builder on the planet. More than 43% of all websites on the internet are powered by it. This indicates that the platform is utilized by millions of companies globally.

Because of its widespread use, WordPress developers are in high demand. As open-source software, WordPress allows anybody to write code for it, develop themes, and produce plugins.

You may start your own WordPress development company as a WordPress developer, or you can work with leading WordPress firms, well-known brands, or both.

13. NFT sales of digital artwork

You are not alone if you are unfamiliar with NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Here is a clarification. NFTs are distinctive digital assets that exist on a blockchain, to put it briefly. Sounds dull, but there is currently a lot of excitement surrounding the sale of digital art using technology.

Beauty (and worth), like all forms of art, depends on the viewer. There’s a tonne of speculative investing going on right now in that arena, so if you’re an artist looking to explore the wild world of crypto and NFTs, this may be your chance to make money.

14. Social media consultant

Larger firms can employ a full-time employee or an agency to manage their Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, but small businesses sometimes have to do their own social media marketing. Business owners could be too busy or overburdened by their other obligations to develop a strong social media strategy. You can serve as a consultant to assist them in choosing the most effective strategies, posting cycles, and content for their intended audience. The more followers they have, the more business you’ll have.

15. Become an influencer

Although influencers occasionally have a poor name, hundreds of people do make a living as full-time influencers. Even though it’s more difficult than it seems to turn a social media following into a consistent cash stream, this business strategy is workable.

Like most other internet firms, your area of expertise should be as focused and limited as possible. No matter how unusual or esoteric the subject, there is almost likely a dominant influencer in that field.

16. Personal or Virtual assistance

In a similar vein, business owners who are growing their organizations and want to focus on high-return occupations are in high demand of employees with good organizational skills. When they are not on-site, a personal or virtual assistant does many of those secretarial or front-desk chores. These employees commonly operate from home for several clients, booking flights, managing calendars, and other administrative tasks.

17. Flipping digital real estate

You’ve probably heard of individuals buying a property with promise but some needed repairs and then flipping it. After making the necessary improvements or repairs, they resell the home for profit. Consider blog flipping to be the online equivalent of real estate flipping.

It is preferable for someone with prior blogging expertise to run an internet business. It’s best to just start from scratch and gain some experience if you have never managed a profitable blog before. That will make it easier for you to recognize investment opportunities later on when you wish to acquire a blog with the intention of selling it for a profit shortly afterward.

18. Create an online market

Create an online marketplace website, which is another tried-and-true, simple-to-start business concept. These websites generate revenue by letting users build their own online shops where they may sell goods.

You can pick a highly demanded niche with little competition to draw in vendors. By providing a superior user experience and assistance, you can make your platform stand out and be appealing to both merchants and buyers.

19. Graphic Design

Every business requires some sort of graphic assets to market its brand and draw clients. A substantial portfolio of your work, a computer, and a design program like Adobe Illustrator or Canva are requirements for working as a freelance graphic designer. You have the option of offering a broad range of graphic design services or specialized services like these:

  • Display adverts with logos
  • Brochures
  • T-shirt designs
  • Flyers
  • Hero pictures
  • Infographics
  • Instagram pictures

20. Make a website newsletter

Over the past several years, paid newsletters have been increasingly popular as readers have begun to place a higher value on reliable information sources. An issue in online journalism caught Chris Best’s eye when he founded Substack, a platform for hosting paid newsletters: publishers that rely on advertising revenue are compelled to go to great lengths to get readers’ attention (and clicks).
The end effect is frequently clickbait articles, uninteresting listicles, and generally boring or intentionally divisive content.


These online company concepts aren’t just strategies to avoid an office job, at the end of the day. Instead, they provide a level of independence that most people are unable to enjoy: the ability to manage oneself, determine one’s own priorities and objectives, and assume full accountability for one’s work. Having said that, beginning an internet business may provide you with a unique level of flexibility, but it also requires a lot of work to attract customers, advertise your services, and keep a consistent flow of income.

Not everyone should run an online business. But there’s never been a better moment to start if you’re contemplating any of the suggestions on our list of beginner-friendly internet businesses.

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