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Best PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

Imagine being able to make money while enjoying your favorite games. One of the things that will probably encourage you to play more is playing a game that has the potential to give you real money. The majority of PayPal games that accept real money are easy to locate online.

Nothing compares to relaxing while playing a game you can earn. Games powered by PayPal provide ways for you to get real money from the convenience of your home. There are a variety of PayPal games that pay real money, even if you don’t like some of them.

Because there are so many different gaming sites, looking for PayPal games that pay real money might be a little intimidating. But which game sites do that? But we’ll provide you with a list of the top PayPal games that accept real money.

Play and win with Cash ’em All

You may get paid to play mobile games with the trustworthy program Cash ’em All. If you play the game, I can assure you that you will like this program. You’ll like the range of games available to you.

For each minute you play a featured game, a certain number of coins will be added to your Cash ’em All account balance. You may then exchange the coins you’ve earned for more benefits. Depending on where you reside, PayPal can help you convert it to cash using a different currency.


Mistplay is a stand-alone app that pays you to play games and is exclusively accessible on Android-powered smartphones. In other words, it’s just a game app; there are no cash-back shopping or survey features.

Game developers frequently utilize the app to gather feedback on the games they’re working on. Then, you gain points for participating in the game and offering insightful criticism.

However, not every game has a feedback requirement. A lot of the time, all it takes is tracking gaming time. You earn more the more experience you have with the app as a whole and with each individual game.

Brain Battle

One of the best PayPal games that offer players real money payouts is Brain Battle. It is an inclusive math game.

This program will not only improve your fundamental mathematical understanding but also reward you with tokens for using it. And while you may earn a token worth $5 to $10, we are not referring to bogus coins.

Android users are not the only ones who can play Brain Battle. Users of Android and iOS devices may play the game and profit from all of its features. How can you make money on this platform then?

It won’t take much time for you to make money on Brain Battle. You must first download the app and register.

GAMEE Prizes: Real Money Games

Playing with this program is intriguing. There are several rewards available. A very well-liked program by the name of GAMEE Prizes makes the promise that you may get real money by playing free games.

Users using sweepstakes software have the option to receive a prize simply by participating. It is accessible on iOS and Android and is completely free to download. By completing tasks and taking part in events, you may win daily cash prizes and tickets for the weekly money draw.


One of our favorite websites for online rewards is Swagbucks. We discovered more than 20 different methods to make money on the network in our comprehensive Swagbucks review. This includes earning money through viewing videos, participating in cash-back programs, taking surveys, and, of course, playing games.

Users may exchange their points for PayPal cash, prepaid Visa cards, and gift cards to well-known stores. On Swagbucks, there are several opportunities to get money by playing games. The most well-liked method is through reaching a certain game milestone.

The Swagbucks Discover area has games that let you earn prizes like these. Although it is not required, Swagbucks does allow users to gain points by making in-game purchases. Earning cash back is pretty comparable to this.


Another one of the top PayPal games that give players actual money is CashOut. Although there are many methods to make actual money with this software. You may earn coins on the CashOut app by participating in games, surveys, referral programs, and video viewing. Even though it might not seem like a wonderful way to make money, playing video games might help you pay some of your costs.

On the CashOut app, though, how can you play games? You must first go to the Google Play Store and then perform a search for “CashOut.” Install the app, join up, and then start playing your favorite games.

Cash App: Make Money

Try out this free program; by completing missions, you may earn credits. When you use the Daily Check-in Bonus, you get free money every day. Play GiftCard or Bitcoin with Paypal or Google to get free money and win real money.

Rewards in real money, but only actual transaction money (that may be withdrawn via online transfers to PayPal or Amazon accounts). Nothing but the truth. Money has a cost, even if some people find advertising to be a little boring.

Solitaire Cube

A pay-to-play gaming program called Solitaire Cube awards cash prizes for winning games of online solitaire. To slide every card into the stack at the top of the screen, much like in traditional solitaire, is the objective.

The objective is to complete the game as quickly as you can while using the least amount of your deck. You will start to lose points if you shuffle your deck more than three times.

Instead of competing in live events, you play in a league with Solitaire Cube. Leagues last a few days at a time, and the top scorers at the end divide the prize money.


One of the greatest PayPal games that reward users with real money is Drop. This software offers more than just gaming; it also allows you to purchase at stores that are linked to it. Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, and other retailers are examples of this.

Drop is a free app that provides a range of in-app activities like gaming, shopping, buying tickets for flights, ordering meals, and more. Simply register for the app, use some of its features, and start earning points. You may use PayPal and gift cards to exchange the points you earn on the app.

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