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How To Make Money From WordPress?

When WordPress was launched, it was just a straightforward blogging tool. It was also among the first website kinds that anybody could set up without any prior coding experience.

WordPress today offers a great deal more than simply a blogging platform. It serves as a framework for creating membership websites, e-commerce websites, content websites, and other types of websites. This is done by utilizing the extra features that “plug-ins” and themes provide you. Themes define the appearance and feel of your site, while plug-ins function for WordPress in a manner similar to how apps function for smartphones. WordPress powers 30% of websites on the internet today because it is so valuable.

Have you considered utilizing WordPress to generate income? If so, you’re in for a treat with this in-depth post! I’ll talk about tested strategies for making money using WordPress. You can still make use of WordPress even if you’re not a developer because the approaches outlined below call for various skill sets.


Starting out simple, you may write material for other websites provided you have a keyboard device and an internet connection. There are countless websites, and each one needs new material.

Although there are many methods to earn money with WordPress on our list, content production is applicable to almost any industry. Simply go to your preferred online blogs. You may post your articles and request to become a contributor on many websites, and you’ll get compensated for doing so. You’ll thus not only receive some fantastic backlinks from high-ranking websites but you’ll also be compensated for your efforts.


The most obvious tactic will be discussed first: e-commerce. Your WordPress website may become your very own online store by employing a plugin. This permits you to begin selling goods, holding sales, and taking payments.

WooCommerce is the plugin that we suggest the most. This effective (and cost-free) e-commerce plugin allows you complete creative control over your store and effortlessly interacts with WordPress. You may market anything, including appointments, services, and both real and digital goods.

WooCommerce will enable you to advertise your company and build relationships with customers, whether you knit socks, sell vintage punk merchandise, or instruct yoga. Naturally, it will also enable you to accept payments using your WordPress store.

Advertisement display

Displaying adverts on the website is the simplest approach to monetize any type of WordPress website. This method of income is typically used by all bloggers, news blogs, lifestyle websites, etc. To use this approach, you should do the following actions:

  • Publish a website
  • Increase the amount of traffic by publishing stuff there.
  • Apply for traditional advertising channels like AdSense, PPC, etc.

Google Adsense is a really effective and simple alternative for advertising for a newbie. In addition to this, there are several more choices, including Pay per click and Pay per thousand clicks. Contribution or gift is another technique to make money.

Promoting Affiliate Links

The special code seen in affiliate links connects the user’s purchase to you. It serves as a means of informing merchants when a buyer clicked a link from your blog to purchase a product.

You are compensated when someone uses one of your affiliate links to make a purchase in exchange for sharing it. A fixed charge or a percentage of the customer’s purchase price may be used to cover this cost.

Write product reviews or recommendations if you want to get the most out of your affiliate links for the goods you use. Be truthful about both the positive and negative aspects of your interaction with the product.

Make a blog and monetize it

It is usually advised to launch a website for your business in the internet world. What are you still holding out for? Start earning money from your own WordPress site by launching it!

Having trouble getting your WordPress website up and running? Check out our simple instructions on how to create a blog, in which we lead you through the process of creating a website. The most important tasks are selecting a domain and hosting, setting up WordPress, selecting a theme, setting up plugins, and creating articles and pages.

A blog is a fantastic method to get passive money. From your blog, you may generate money through affiliate marketing, the sale of adverts, sponsored reviews, etc. This is just a technique to fully benefit without putting in any more work on your part.

Online  Courses

It’s likely that you’ve used Google to get assistance if you’ve ever needed to figure something out. It is rapid, practical, and cost-free. What happens, though, if you have more than one urgent query?

Learning new things through online courses is very common; in fact, the global industry for online learning is estimated to be worth $250 billion. You should absolutely take advantage of that!

Of course, you’ll need to have some background knowledge in the area you’re teaching, but there is no end to the topics you may cover. The list includes writing, marketing, technology, music, cuisine, and pet grooming. The good news is that you only need to be knowledgeable enough to put together an effective plan.

Create plugins for WordPress

A WordPress plugin makes it simple to improve, customize, and change a WordPress site. It allows us to add a new function to a computer or other system and changes the website in a number of different ways. It aids in offering exceptional services. To meet your specific demands, the WordPress community has created dozens of plugins for various uses.

A newbie might follow the steps below to start making money:

  • Study some essential and fundamental plugins, or take a plugin development course.
  • Create a website to promote your abilities, or work for a firm that is appropriate.
  • Make deals with customers to learn about their needs.
  • Sell your plugin to generate income.

Sell digital downloads and books

Selling eBooks and digital downloads is another simple method to generate income from your site.

Popular blog posts may be collected into an eBook that readers could buy. It would be worth paying for the ease of having the finest information selected and organized for simple reading. Ebooks could also include brand-new material that isn’t posted on your public site.

This tactic can likewise be applied in reverse. If you’ve previously released a book in print or digital form, you may make blog entries to draw readers to those formats.

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