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How To Find Online Tutor Jobs?

It can be challenging to know where to begin when looking for the finest online tutoring jobs as a means to earn some additional money from home.

With so many businesses and teaching websites out there providing this, it may be difficult to determine which ones are reliable and which ones will truly pay you well.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the legwork by identifying which ones provide the finest prospects for you to work as an online instructor. We’ll even help you choose which firm pays the most and what subjects they specialize in.

Since so many people are interested in remote employment opportunities, there is an almost continual need for teachers by online English teaching organizations. If you’ve considered starting a side business or full-time profession teaching English online, you’ve definitely looked through job listings with several employers.

Application Process for Online Tutor Jobs

Are you prepared to submit an application? The application and hiring procedure for online teaching employment consists of the following seven phases.

Step 1: Take inventory of your qualifications

What credentials are required to work as an online English teacher for a business? Since every organization establishes its own recruiting standards to teach English online, the answer differs significantly.

  • A college degree
  • Expertise
  • Certification in TEFL/TESOL

Step 2: Search for and apply for teaching jobs online

Next, start your search for a job with a reputable online teaching firm using the Bridge Job Board or other comparable online job boards. Job board ads offer all the details you want regarding the position in one location, such as:

  • Requirements for the pupils you will teach
  • Pay/Incentives
  • Regular Schedule
  • Minimum/maximum weekly hours that you can work
  • How to use
  • Take your time and make sure the business you choose satisfies your personal needs as well (such as compensation and incentives)!

Step 3: Finish the online application for the business

This portion is the best, right? (Very few job applicants said this!) You will be required to include details about any degrees and qualifications you own, your experience teaching, and your job history while filling out the application. Additionally, some employers could want you to submit a different resume.

Some employers may also want you to submit a one-minute self-introduction video along with your application. In essence, you will be required to respond to a few questions in a video format so that the employer can get to know you better and see how you behave on camera.

Step 4: Get interview-ready

The next stage in the recruiting procedure to teach English online is to adhere to the company’s guidelines for how your interview should be organized. Most likely, you’ll be required to reserve an interview time and date utilizing an online calendar tool or by emailing the business to let them know you’re available.

Step 5: The job interview

Now the anxieties start to kick in (for many of us)! You’ve arranged your interview appointment, finished the application and demo, if necessary, and are ready to go. It’s time to showcase your abilities now! You will typically perform the following throughout the interview:

  • With the recruiter, test and rate your equipment for internet connectivity, classroom aesthetics, sound quality, and lighting.
  • In order to establish your suitability for the position, respond to some common interview questions (and ask the recruiter your own questions).
  • Complete a simulated online course while the recruiter assumes the role of the pupil.
  • Get feedback on how you performed in the fake interview and class.

Step 6: Review your contract and sign it

Voila! Your portion of the application and interview process is over. Normally, the business will follow up with you on their hiring choice and any additional instructions if you’re going forward within a week.

It will be time to examine and sign your contract if the business decides to hire you (congrats! ). Contract terms often last six to twelve months. There may be some possibility for discussion, but the firm will indicate this. Before you sign, make sure to read the full contract and ask about any concerns you have (particularly those regarding pay rates and difficulties collaborating with other businesses).

Step 7: Setting your schedule

Setting your timetable is the last but not least stage in the hiring procedure for online teaching employment. Each business will have a somewhat different approach, but for the most, the teaching schedule is accessible through the web platform.

For instance, after logging into your teaching account, you’ll probably be able to see a calendar with your available teaching days and hours. If you are available, you may just click the time slot to open it; if not, you can leave it empty. One of the major benefits of teaching English online is its flexibility.

Which online teaching business is the finest to work for?

What you’re searching for will determine the ideal online tutoring business to work for. Varsity Tutors and Revolution Prep rank among the highest in terms of pay alone. One of the businesses that don’t have minimum tutoring requirements and let you to choose your own hours can be ideal if you’re seeking more freedom.

The different websites to apply for the jobs are:

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