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How To Find Voice Over Jobs From Home?

Talented voice performers that can perform voice-over work remotely are in high demand.

The voice acting industry was largely equipped to weather the storm and carry on with voice-over work online despite the COVID-19 epidemic pausing in-studio recording sessions and forcing movie shoots to end.

You can audition, record your voice, and finish voice-over jobs from anywhere if you have just a basic home studio setup and a talent profile on an audio job board like Voices.

How to Find a Job in Voice Over

A voice actor’s career depends on getting the job—getting the audition is just the first step! Following the audition, follow these eight pieces of advice to land the job:

1. Enroll in a voice acting course

Get some instruction before you jump the gun and purchase studio equipment. If voice acting is something you’re considering as a profession, attending a few classes or signing up for voice-over coaching will help you decide if it’s the appropriate field for you.

Finding voiceover work might occasionally depend on experience and training. By strengthening your training and professional connections through online learning possibilities, you may gain control over this element.

2. Exercise reading aloud

To really experience the copy, hear your voice, and play with the interpretation, read aloud frequently. By regularly practicing your reading, whether alone, with a tutor, a member of your family, or a trusted friend, you may overcome any inhibitions. Additionally, reading aloud offers a lot of unanticipated advantages.

3. Look for Pro Bono Opportunities to Improve Your Resume

Think about learning the craft from a seasoned voice actor or offering your services for charitable causes, community functions, or school assignments. Making the line between voluntary work and “throwing your voice away for free” is crucial as you construct your voice-over portfolio; your future colleagues will appreciate it.

4. Develop Your Network by Networking With Other Voice Actors

Don’t stop your networking efforts at coaching and training, while they are fantastic places to begin! Look for regional conferences, online forums, and Meetups. You’ll not only meet like-minded people and get moral support, but you’ll also join a strong referral network. You may bank on these peers to suggest another vocal talent in their network, including you, for those chances when a fellow voice actor is faced with one they aren’t qualified for.

5. Exercise Correct Breathing

Remind yourself to breathe deeply. This entails being able to direct your breath and modify it to produce fluid expressions and dynamic, clear performances. Diaphragmatic breathing, breath support, and the right positioning may perform wonders and keep you in peak condition to deliver even when you’re ill.

6. Create a voice-over demo

A voice-over demo is created through a very individualized, artistic, and technological approach. Although you can do this on your own, it’s a good idea to think about hiring a pro to create a demo for you. Your voice-over demo may be your key to success and frequently gives potential clients their first impression of your voice.

7. Build your Voices Talent profile

You’ll need to establish a web presence and a consistent stream of auditions when you’re ready to pursue a voice-over job. The best way to establish your name in front of clients, advertise your skill internationally, and, most importantly, obtain access to our extensive job board full of fantastic voice acting possibilities is to sign up for a Voices talent account.

8. Maintain Contact and Be Reliable

Make sure to follow up with the prospects you have given your demos or marketing materials to when you are out and about on your own. Make every effort to remain in people’s minds. It’s possible that not everyone you give your promotional materials to will respond, but this shouldn’t stop you from advertising your services. They will get in touch with you when they require your voice!

Websites for Voice-Over Jobs

There are several websites that provide voice-over work, and there are numerous locations where you can post demos for potential employers. Here are a few websites that might assist you in locating potential clients that are interested in your services and could be willing to hire you.

1. Voices

One of the biggest websites that offer a variety of voice-over samples for customers to pick from is Additionally, they offer one of the biggest platforms for emerging singers and musicians. Your clients would post jobs, get audition requests, and then be able to choose the voice they need. Given that they publish more than 5000 jobs each month, they are market leaders in the voice-over industry.

2. Bodalgo

Another prestigious website that might assist you in your job search is Bodalgo. You may publish a number of castings for free, and there is a platform where voice actors can be recruited. And including eLearning, video games, audiobooks, IVR, presentation voices, and much more, they provide commercial services.

3. Fiverr

One of the biggest platforms for peer-to-peer work, where anybody may post a task and have clients request it. This website should be at the top of your list of priorities if you are just starting out in voice acting since it may help you become well-known to many people very soon. If you do an excellent job, your client may post a review, and if there are enough reviews, your audience will expand.

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