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How to get a Job in Dubai from India?

Are you a job seeker in Dubai? After a few difficult years, the job market is now back to its prior vitality.


Dubai’s labor market is diversifying, according to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Study in the UAE study. This shows that ventures like security and examination, showcasing and publicizing, and cordiality are getting ready to utilize additional laborers from abroad.

Customer success specialists, full stack developers, and data scientists are just a few of the positions found in the IT industry, which continues to account for a disproportionate part of the top employers. So on the off chance that you’re searching for work in Dubai’s IT industry, bless your lucky stars.

Ensure you have all that you want, plan your migration to Dubai, and work as an Indian in the UAE by utilizing this manual to recognize the best locales to chase after UAE work for Indians. What are you hanging tight for, then, at that point? We should start.

Why Is Working As An Indian In Dubai So Popular?

Let’s first examine why working in Dubai as an Indian is so popular before going further into the procedures you must follow and where to hunt for such jobs:

Tax-free earnings.  Any rundown of the advantages of working and living in Dubai should specify the way that your payment is tax-exempt. All of your profits will be put immediately into your bank account because it is illegal to withhold taxes from your pay in Dubai. Additionally, there is no stamp duty, no tax on rental income, and no capital gains or capital loss taxes are owed.

Decent salaries: Managers perceive that it should be worthwhile for representatives to move to the United Arab Emirates, so they give cutthroat remuneration and advantages like health care coverage, longer yearly getaways, once-a-year boarding pass to their nation of origin, lodging remittances, and significantly more. They focus closer on guaranteeing that their representatives have a superior balance between serious and fun activities and proposition supplemental advantages like adaptable plans for getting work done and school repayments. The objective of this is all to draw in and hold the best ability.

Worldwide exposure:  Representatives in Dubai approach global business in every single financial area, including land, money, oil and gas, accommodation, and different enterprises, as outsiders make up the main part of the city’s labor force. Expats are exposed to a range of cultural and professional influences, such as various meals, traditions, leisure activities, and entertainment, in addition to the work environment.

Several possibilities:  Despite its youth, Dubai’s economy is strong, with a well-established employment sector that mainly depends on foreign labor. As a result, there is a significant need for employees and professionals with specific skill sets and expertise, and the government is always working to entice more foreign investors, which in turn increases the need for qualified individuals.

How Do I Search For Jobs In Dubai Or Apply From India?

Okay, so you are aware of the steps you need to do to get ready for an Indian job in Dubai.The question of where to hunt for the best Dubai jobs for Indians and submit an application from India naturally follows. You might look in the following places:

Websites that provide employment. If you’re from India, the first places you go while seeking for a job in Dubai are typically online employment platforms or portals. GrabJobs is unquestionably the best choice in this circumstance. On the website right now, over 10,000 companies are hiring abroad. This suggests that there are many possibilities accessible and that finding the job you’re looking for won’t be difficult. You may also download and register to apply for jobs without a résumé, have a chatbot interview, and get feedback right away from businesses who look at your profile.

Recruitment Agencies. Your next option would be to use a staffing agency. These companies greatly lessen the burden associated with job searching by conducting the search on your behalf and allowing you to work in Dubai as an Indian. Recruiting services, which are commonly employed by Dubai businesses to fill unfilled jobs, are one of the best ways for Indian citizens to get employment in Dubai. Among the well-known companies are Jivaro Partners, ESP International, Robert Murray, and BAC Middle East.

Face-to-face interviews. As we’ve already mentioned, you are permitted to visit Dubai on a tourist visa and look for employment while you’re there. Here, you may arrange in-person meetings or interviews by contacting the employers directly. The disadvantage of this strategy is that it’s rather risky because you can never be sure if you’ll land a job that would need you to return to India after your tourist visa expires, costing you more money.

Networking. Networking is the last thing you should do. Remember that more often than not, who you know matters more than what you know. Because Dubai is known for hiring internally and among those who have been suggested by other employees, you may even obtain your perfect job through someone you know. If you are unable to go to Dubai for networking events, you may still network online by signing up for one of the many online forums or by using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.


You now have a straightforward manual that you can use to not only apply for jobs in Dubai from India but also to locate jobs there. It also tells you what to prepare for and which sectors are in high demand. I hope it helps you get employment as an Indian in the UAE.

However, keep in mind that there are certain additional issues to be aware of when operating in Dubai. You should learn about your rights when working in the United Arab Emirates, despite the fact that this is not exactly connected to getting a job. This protects your rights and prevents you from being a victim of dishonest employers.

Finally, we want to wish you well as you search for Indian employment in the UAE and move there. You will be able to take advantage of all Dubai has to offer by considering the correct factors and conducting your homework. Please feel free to visit our website or get in touch with us if you have any questions about working in Dubai or are seeking a career there.

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