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The Best Ways to Find On-Demand Jobs


Businesses and professionals can connect through work-on-demand platforms and applications for on-demand, temporary, or freelance labor. These can be used for a range of purposes, such as covering a shift, performing handyman or housekeeping work, finishing up creative or administrative duties, or even moving. These websites are different from temp agencies in that they give you a closer relationship with the individual you hire and frequently fill shifts on the same day.

What are on-demand jobs?

Jobs with a high number of vacant opportunities and long-term growth are considered to be in demand. Industries with high demand for labor look for applicants who have a certain set of skills and talents to fill positions, and many of these jobs are willing to give special benefits to promote longevity. Teachers, physicians, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, financial analysts, and public relations officers are a few examples of professions that are in great demand.


Best Methods for Finding Jobs

You may begin your web search once you have decided which categories of on-demand work to pursue. Urban regions provide more options, but if working from home is your objective, there are several on-demand remote employment in that category.

By using websites that specialize in gigs, job search engines, or Google, you may locate gig work. Visit the corporate website or download the app if you know of a firm you’d like to work for. Check out the list of the top apps to use to land a job below.


1. Upwork

It should come as no surprise that Upwork places so highly here given that it is our top pick for the finest freelance websites. This website does not let you down if you’re seeking experts in creative, administrative, or IT-related fields. It enables you to create projects for bid requests or look up freelancers to get in touch with one at a time.

It features time tracking in addition to its Any Hire program, which enables you to manage your team and administer payroll for all of your employees directly from Upwork. If you need a rapid turnaround on a straightforward assignment, choose Fiverr rather than Upwork, which is often utilized for more complicated, longer-term tasks.

2. Lyft

Although you presumably already know what Lyft is, you might not be aware of how simple it is to drive for the company. Your car has to be officially registered, insured, and generally less than ten years old with a respectable appearance. If your car doesn’t meet these standards, you can sign up for ExpressDrive to be connected with a rental car. When you’re available to take rides, just switch on your app to begin earning money.

3. Uber Works

Uber Works is only available as a smartphone app. To get started, you’ll need to download Uber Works for Apple devices or the app for Android. Uber Works provides nearly any job you can think of in place of ridesharing, from easy odd jobs to musical gigs to catering employment.

4. Giggrabbers

Giggrabbers may assist startups and companies launching new products in finding the expertise they want for marketing campaigns. Even better, you may start a crowdfunding effort to help pay your freelancer. Giggrabbers not only makes it simple to find talent but also provides package agreements for marketing materials with committed freelancers and predetermined deliverables. Its freelancer base is not as large as that of Upwork or Fiverr because it is a more recent website, but it is expanding. It’s also on our list of greatest freelance employment sites.

5. Bellhops

Being a bellhop can be a possibility for you if you love being on your feet and are in reasonable physical shape. Simply fill out the application, download the app, and you’ll be able to assist clients with packing and moving. There is no need to own a truck or large vehicle. The app will notify you where your abilities are needed once you just enter your availability.

6. Fiverr

Our list of the top freelance websites also includes Fiverr, which is even more “gig-based” than Upwork because it focuses on letting customers buy rapid one-off services at discount rates. This site often offers speedy turnarounds, albeit there may be an additional fee. Originally for creative projects, you can get just about anything on Fiverr, including practical jokes. However, its options for voiceovers, video explainers, translations, DJ mixing, and other services really struck us.

7. Helpr

An app for babysitters and nannies is called Helpr. Sitters must have references and at least two years of experience in some form of child care. You must also pass a background check, much as with the majority of app jobs that require interacting with humans. There aren’t any interviews with hiring families, though. Simply go through the open positions (listed at least three days in advance) and apply for the position you desire.

8. TaskRabbit

For finding skilled workers and handymen for straightforward tasks, many people turn to TaskRabbit. Relocating, staffing an event, and even personal assistant job are all included in this category, which typically encompasses housekeeping and modest repairs. The main distinction between Handy, which gives you an estimate and chooses employees for you, and yourself is that you determine the price and task, discover suitable workers, and work out a timetable with them. Although the network is meant for personal use, companies may use it to identify and hire workers for brief jobs.

9. Wonolo

You may recruit prescreened workers from a pool provided by Wonolo within a day. When you develop and submit a job, the experts (known as Wonoloers) can immediately see it and accept it. A profile of people who accept the shift will be sent to you. If you like a worker, you may employ them off the site or invite them for more work. While Wonolo and Bands of Hands both allow you to post shifts for workers and manage insurance and workers’ compensation, Wonolo is accessible across the US.

10. Shipt

For people who want to buy and deliver their items, Shipt is fantastic. It is your responsibility to visit the shop, locate the appropriate item, and then deliver it to the customer who placed the order. Customers of Shipt must first apply for approval before they can download the app and begin shopping and delivering.

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