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How To Get a Scholarship in Canada for Indian Student?

Do you want to study in Canada but are hesitant because of your financial situation? Although Canada is one of the most affordable countries to study abroad, it can be difficult to manage the total tuition amount. The best strategy for anybody managing such difficulties is to apply for Canadian scholarships. Numerous beneficial scholarships are available from the Canadian government, Canadian colleges, and several other private organizations.

If you are granted one of the available scholarships, you can realize your ambition of pursuing an education abroad. So let’s get started and look into some of the scholarships available to Indian students in Canada so you can fulfill your ambition of attending school there!

Why Go to Canada to Study?

Here are a few key arguments you can use to persuade your elders that Canada is the best place for you to study if you intend to go there.

  • English is Used Everywhere – English and French are both authority dialects in Canada. Having the option to speak with individuals consistently in English while living in Canada is truly helpful.
  • Top-Rated Universities – According to the QS rankings, Canada is home to some of the best universities, placing within the top 150. It is a widely sought-after destination for international students due to its top-notch educational system.
  • An environment that is diverse and multicultural – Canada has a population that is ethnically and linguistically diverse, speaking 50 percent of languages other than English. Because of this, your academic life will be filled with multicultural activities that will teach you about many cultures.
  • High and secure quality of life – Canada is ranked second in the world for having the highest quality of life since it is one of the safest nations and has a relatively low crime rate.
  • Universities with a research focus – Canada is recognized for its game-changing discoveries and advancements in the life sciences and medical industry. It has become one of the top destinations for students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. because of its investment in creating research-based universities.

What Kinds of Scholarships Are Available to Indian students in Canada?

Indian students can apply for the following forms of scholarships to study there:

  • Scholarships that are supported by the Canadian government: These are the ones that offer prizes to entice students to study in Canada.
  • Non-government awards: A number of foundations, charities, and associations provide awards to students pursuing a particular field of study.
  • Institutional scholarships: Universities and colleges provide Indian students financial aid to study in Canada.

Canada might be one of the most sought-after areas for global understudies, yet the expense of going to class here is exceptionally high. We’ve ordered a rundown of scholarships for global understudies presented by the Canadian government, different Canadian universities, and different associations for individuals who need to concentrate on in Canada yet need monetary help.

  • Scholarships and cooperations from the Canadian government are accessible to worldwide understudies seeking a postgraduate concentration in logic and sociologies or in the field of wellbeing research.
  • Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program – Scholarships for Canadian understudies enrolled in a graduate degree program or a Ph.D. program at a (CGS-M assigned) Canadian college.
  • IDRC Research Awards are government scholarships provided by Canada for students from developing nations to pursue master’s or doctorate degrees in research at accredited Canadian universities.
  • The NSERC offers a number of scholarships, grants, and awards to deserving postgraduate students studying engineering or the natural sciences at recognized Canadian universities. by the NSERC for funding.
  • Association of American States Academic Scholarship Program: Graduate understudies from any OAS part state are qualified to apply for these Canadian government scholarships.
  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program offers worldwide doctorate competitors monetary guides to learning at a taking part college in Canada.

Visit the Canadian Government’s scholarship homepage or get in touch with the Canadian Ministry of Education in your native country for further details about government scholarships and additional external financing alternatives.

Scholarships from private organizations to study in Canada

  • Scholarships for international students conducting Ph.D. animal research at an eligible Canadian university in Québec or British Columbia are available through the Anne Vallee Ecological Fund.
  • Canada Memorial Scholarship – Full scholarships, covering tuition, airfare, housing, and other costs, are available for postgraduate students from the United Kingdom to study at any authorized Canadian higher education institution. The 2019 round is currently finished; the 2020 round will open up in the not-so-distant future.
  • An understudy by and selected as a secondary school, undergrad, or graduate understudy in Canada or another review objective is qualified to apply for the $2,000 Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship. All ethnicities might apply for the grant, yet you should present a paper.
  • Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships – The Trudeau Foundation gives various scholarships, cooperations, and mentorships to unfamiliar Ph.D. applicants concentrating in Canada at specific colleges.

Canadian university scholarships for study

  • Awards for International Students at Carleton University – Available to all graduates, who are automatically eligible for the rewards upon application, Carleton University is offering scholarships for study abroad.
  • Global Undergraduate Awards at Concordia University – Concordia University in Montréal offers various undergrad scholarships for worldwide understudies to concentrate on there in Canada.
  • Dalhousie University Scholarships – Dalhousie University in Halifax offers scholarships for all degrees of present and future global and homegrown understudies.
  • Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students – Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver offers scholarships for global understudies of all levels who are concentrating in Canada.
  • Many merits- and need-based Canadian scholarships, including mobility funds for international students, are available to HEC Montréal students.
  • Worldwide Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada – An assortment of Canadian undergrad scholarships are accessible for global understudies to learn at Humber College in Toronto, Canada.
  • Scholarships at McGill University and Financial Aid – There are a few monetary choices accessible for global understudies signing up for graduate and postdoctoral projects, including the McGill Entrance Scholarship Program and the PBEEE – Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students.
  • Global Scholarships at Queen’s University – Several scholarships are accessible for worldwide understudies to go to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, to concentrate in Canada. A few scholarships are simply accessible to understudies from the US, Pakistan, and India.
  • All abroad understudies are qualified for scholarships at Quest University Canada, which range in esteem from CA$2,000 to the full expense of participation.
  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award: Undergraduate understudies who show authority characteristics and high scholastic achievement are qualified for these legitimacy-based Canadian scholarships to learn at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
  • Graduate Scholarships at UBC – An accessible information base of grants for experts and doctoral understudies at the University of British Columbia, including the Graduate Support Initiative and four-year doctorate partnerships.
  • Global Scholarships at the University of Alberta – The University of Alberta offers different scholarships for undergrad and graduate review to worldwide understudies.
  • Worldwide Scholarships at the University of Calgary – An assortment of monetary guides potential open doors for global understudies going to the
  • The University of Calgary in Canada. Grants can be worth up to $60,000 in Canada.
  • The University of Manitoba – International college understudies are qualified to apply for scholarships to concentrate in Canada at the University of Manitoba. The college’s Faculty of Graduate Studies gives a rundown of scholarships accessible to graduate understudies from abroad.
  • Worldwide Student Awards at the University of Saskatchewan – Scholarships for “greatness” granted based on legitimacy to global college understudies going to the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Scholarships for worldwide and homegrown understudies to go to the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies are accessible through the University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship program.
  • College of Waterloo International Funding – various Canadian scholarships are accessible to worldwide understudies signed up for the college’s lords or doctorate programs.
  • Monetary Aid and Awards at Simon Fraser University – different scholarships and other supporting choices for homegrown and global understudies who are as of now enlisted at or plan to sign up for courses at Simon Fraser University.
  • Scholarships accessible to global understudies selected at Western University incorporate the President’s Entrance Scholarships, which are various Canadian honors.
  • An assortment of unfamiliar undergrad scholarships is accessible through York University’s worldwide understudy program for understudies wishing to go to classes in Toronto.

Life as a Student in Canada

Canada makes large financial investments in buildings and education. The nation is becoming one of the most sought-after places to study abroad. Let’s quickly review the vibrant student scene in Canada.

  • The multicultural atmosphere in Canada is renowned for giving pupils a perspective on the world and fostering the development of stronger networks.
  • The majority of immigrants are accepted in the nation, which adds to the progressive nature of the populace.
  • In Canada, there are countless recreational pursuits available to students. Students can participate in a variety of activities as the area is home to numerous world heritage sites and exciting festivals.

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