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How to Get Scholarships in Harvard University?

One of the oldest institutions in the US is Harvard University, which was established in Massachusetts in 1636. Many students yearn to stroll the campus and take in Harvard University’s stimulating intellectual atmosphere. Those who decide to pursue higher education in the US typically want to attend Harvard University. It is ranked as the third-best university in the world and the second-best institution in the US by QS.


It is a neighborhood that warmly welcomes international students. It is among the finest in terms of the courses offered and the funding of studies for students with top academic standing.

For a range of programs at Harvard, Indian students can apply for a Harvard University scholarship. It is the responsibility of the university’s special General Scholarships committee to provide financial aid to deserving students. A fantastic way to enhance your study at the graduate, post-graduate, or Ph.D. level is with a Harvard University scholarship. The college offers financial aid in the form of loans, scholarships, and student employment.

Indian Students’ Fees at Harvard University

From the moment they begin a course of study until they graduate, students must register right away. The following table lists the active fee status for Ph.D. and MA students who are non-resident students on leave of absence or who are traveling scholars.

  • The first two years of study at Harvard University are required to pay the full tuition amount of $49,448.
  • Reduced Tuition – Harvard University requires 12,858 for the third and fourth years of study.
  • After the fourth year of study, Harvard University requires a facilities fee of $3,272.
  • For authorized nonresident status at Harvard University, a filing fee of at least 300 is required.

University of Harvard Scholarships

According to their family’s financial situation, students whose family income is between $65,000 and $150,000 per year are required to pay up to 10% of their entire income. Based on the entire family’s income and current financial situation, that will be around $15,000 per year.

The precise amount varies from student to student according to their family income but is required of students with a household income of more than $ 150,000 per year. Numerous individuals are able to pursue their dream of studying in the United States because to the financial aid offered by Harvard University.

The size of the scholarship is determined by the student’s family income. Evidently, overseas undergraduate students who come from families with annual incomes of $65,000 or less are eligible for fully supported scholarships. It pays for housing, board, fees, and tuition. Only attendance fees are required of the students.

Indian Students’ Scholarships To Harvard University

Indian students have several options to explore a number of programs at Harvard thanks to scholarships from Harvard University. The institution has established a specific general scholarship committee to oversee the distribution of financial help to deserving candidates.

A Harvard scholarship could be beneficial for pursuing your graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree. The scholarship is available through the institution in a variety of ways, including loans, scholarships, and student employment.

Specifically, prospective students, prospective foreign students, existing (enrolled) students, and current (enrolled) international students are divided into four categories for the Harvard university scholarships. Prospective overseas students must be coerced into submitting an application for a scholarship. There are other qualifying requirements for applying for a scholarship other than this.

Indian Students’ Requirements For Admission To Harvard University

Apart from the required English language exam for all foreign applicants, there are no additional procedures for Indian students applying to Harvard.

Fill out the form and pay the appropriate cost. Additionally, provide their GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, college transcripts, and recommendations. Even further requirements, including a résumé, portfolio, or interview, are required by several Harvard faculties.

So let’s go through each need on the list for admission to Harvard;

  • Preliminary digital application
  • Fee for applications
  • Test results for English
  • TOEFL rating
  • Transcripts
  • SOP ( statement of purpose )
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume \sPortfolio \sInterview

Harvard University’s scholarship application procedure

The same procedure as filling out any other application form is required to apply for the Harvard University Scholarship. At the time of acceptance, you can submit an application for a scholarship program; all you need to do is write a brief letter or fill out a fee waiver form.

Listed below are the steps for applying to Harvard University:

1. Create the Coalition Application, Universal College Application, or Common Application first. Any one of the three may do the same task.
2. Students should have the necessary paperwork prepared and submit it along with their application. To ensure that your application is reviewed as soon as possible, submit it as soon as possible.
3. The students are granted more time to apply for the Fall 2019 semester, so they must gather all necessary paperwork in the allotted period. It is best to prepare the paperwork before submitting an admissions application.

4. The following documents must be submitted:

  • A request form (Common Application, Universal College Application, or Coalition Application)
  • Individual Statement
  • The fee waiver form for the ACT or SAT with writing, $75
  • A pair of SAT subjects (waivered if you are in financial hardship)
  • Educator Reports
  • Year-to-date school report
  • Assessments from two educators.

Program for Financial Aid at Harvard University

Harvard University makes sure that all applicants receive adequate financial help so that money will no longer stand in the way of their academic goals. They provide scholarships for four years or for the length of the chosen program.

Regarding financial help, there is no distinction between domestic and overseas students. According to their financial situation and family’s income, every one of them has an equal chance of receiving scholarships. A total of 70% of students receive financial help in some way, and 60% of them earn need-based scholarships and spend just an average of $12,000 a year in tuition.

The Harvard University scholarship program’s strongest feature is that financial assistance is fully determined by a student’s need rather than by merit. They hold the opinion that admittance opportunities shouldn’t be limited because of financial constraints. Many students have been able to mold their careers in the ways they want thanks to their beliefs.

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