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How to Make Money With a Travel Blog?


This post teaches you how to earn money with a travel blog, just as I do as a successful travel blogger who earned over $135,000 USD in the first half of 2022 alone!

This post lists 12 typical ways to monetize your travel blog, but the best travel writers often think creatively. But blogging—isn’t it dead? That is a topic that frequently comes up, and you could have a question about it.


There are a plethora of methods to monetize your travel blog if that is something you are interested in. This post will cover some of the most popular methods, but there isn’t a single approach to monetizing blogs that will work for everyone.

How to Make Money With a Travel Blog?

Whatever revenue sources you choose, keep in mind that success requires a variety of income sources. I’ll list 12 potential ways to monetize a travel blog below, but they are in no way everything there is to earning money from a travel blog.


1. Advertise on your website

See any of these advertisements on our website? An organization by the name of Mediavine automatically places them there.

How can you profit from advertisements? You only need to enable a plugin on your website for advertising to appear on your pages. Your ad account is linked to these adverts, and you are instantly compensated.

What a fantastic thing! One of the easiest methods to monetize a travel blog is through in-content adverts.

2. Enroll in affiliate marketing initiatives

Do you want to learn how to start a profitable career as a travel blogger? There are several ways to approach it, but affiliate marketing is one of my favorites.
First of all, what is affiliate marketing?

If you’ve ever recommended a buddy a product, a restaurant, a great book, or anything else, you’ve already been involved in affiliate marketing without even realizing it.

Since these sales and suggestions come from my website, I actually receive a small commission. I do affiliate marketing when I advertise hotels, excursions, car rental companies, travel equipment, etc. on my website.

I get paid when someone makes a purchase via one of my affiliate links. I’ll then offer so-called affiliate links leading to these products.

3. Take Up Freelance Writing

There are several advantages for your pocketbook and your travel blog when you find freelance writing gigs and get paid to write online.

We had no prior experience working as independent writers at the time. Despite this, we were still able to launch a freelance writing company in addition to our travel blog, and guess what? It helped our travel blog generate more revenue as well.

How? We linked back to our travel blog whenever we wrote a piece for a publication with a larger audience than we did.

4. Market Your Own Digital Goods

When you employ affiliate marketing, you will only get paid a commission or a percentage of each sale. When you sell your own products, you keep all the proceeds (minus some fees).

As a result, many bloggers create digital products such as eBooks, downloadable travel guides, and more. You may either sell the things on your website or concentrate on building your email list to contact individuals who are interested in your knowledge directly.

5. Paid Press Trips

We’ve written a lot about our experiences taking paid press trips. I’ve received payments throughout the years from travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, and airlines to promote their services to our readers.

An excellent method to essentially get paid to travel is through paid press tours. In most cases, the employer will pay for your airfare, hotel accommodations, and tour arrangements in addition to paying for your salary.
Following the trip, we had to finish a number of campaign deliverables, including blog entries, videos, social media shares, images, and shares in our email newsletter.

6. Post sponsored content

Do you want to learn how to monetize your travel-related blogs? Writing sponsored blog posts is an easy way to monetize a travel website.
Another way to monetize your travel blog is to write sponsored posts.

When a company pays you to write a review of their travel agency, hotel, or possibly even a wonderful travel item, this happens. They could even pay you to write an article on them in general.

They are essentially just paying you to promote them on your website, but they want it done in your voice and in a way that your audience will find appealing. As the only person who actually knows how to speak to your audience, corporations frequently offer you with

7. Boost Your YouTube Channel’s Income

Building a blog is quite similar to growing a YouTube channel. To increase the number of views on your channel, you’ll need to invest a lot of effort in content creation and promotion.

Unless you strike it rich with one extremely popular video, you’ll probably be involved for a while.

You must adhere to YouTube’s rules, accumulate 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 view hours before you can start making money there.
Once your videos have been authorized for monetization, you can easily enable advertisements on them to begin making money with your Adsense account.

8. Podcast

Although there aren’t many travel blogs with podcasts, this is a fantastic additional option to generate money and offer something worthwhile that isn’t already very popular.

In my opinion, this is a big chance, and if you can think of something excellent that hasn’t been done before, you can seize the moment. I haven’t evaluated it, but I have complete faith in Pat Flynn and would enroll in his podcasting school if I were to launch my own.

9. Establish Contacts With Other Travel Bloggers

Do you want to know how to blog about travel for money? One of the less obvious approaches is to have a strong network of coworkers.
Getting leads regarding paid opportunities from other bloggers is one of the finest methods to make money blogging.

The finest travel bloggers have a wide network of colleagues who occasionally bring them tasks, so this may not initially be a direct payment.

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