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25 Best Freelance Jobs in High Demand ($25-$50/Hour)


The manner in that people makes a living is evolving quickly. Every year, more people are accepting internet employment in some manner. Heck, 59 million Americans freelanced in 2017, contributing to total revenue of close to $1.2 trillion. Pursuing online jobs from home may be a wonderful alternative for you if you’re trying to make some additional money or escape the 9–5 grind.

However, looking for a job online usually entails browsing several websites. Finding legitimate work online is getting more difficult as the job market becomes more competitive and new job sites appear. Because of this, we decided to extensively investigate each opportunity and compile a list of the top online businesses to work for in 2022.


More and more individuals are turning to freelance work as a means of income as the world of work evolves. Becoming a freelancer is fantastic! For many individuals, including stay-at-home mothers, college students, and retirees, the independence and flexibility that come with freelancing are important advantages. You may work from any location because some of the greatest freelancing positions are remote.

A list of the top 25 internet occupations that anyone may pursue to get money is provided in this article. Additionally, for each position we list, we’ll provide you a ballpark figure for the hourly pay as well as the websites where you may submit an application.


Top Freelance Positions 2022

1. Freelance Writer

Hourly Rate: $22 to $30 on average

Writing for a living is consistently among the top freelance jobs to discover. Many people really begin their freelancing jobs as writers. This is because writing for a living is a talent that everyone can learn; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Create a portfolio of your writing in order to launch a freelance writing profession. This might be anything from published articles to writing samples. To get started, you may also sign up for online forums and groups connected to freelance writing.

2. Online Tutor

Even while working a job, students should continually search for opportunities to improve their abilities. And what better way to share the knowledge you gain while honing your ability than by working as an online instructor? You may use it to not only increase your income but also your skill set. Additionally, without disrupting your carefully planned routine. There are several well-known websites that provide trustworthy tutoring employment, like Chegg Tutors (visit) and Skooli (visit). Not to add, they provide generous remuneration. One of the top online jobs for students is this one. Therefore, give it a try and make money without it interfering with your education.

3. Social media Manager

If you have any expertise in managing social media campaigns, you may join up to assist companies in promoting their goods on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Additionally, businesses can want assistance with community development, comment management, and social selling improvements. You may begin accepting customers right away as long as you have the ability to contribute your voice and originality to postings by making viral films or incorporating humorous GIFs.

Earnings per hour: $16 to $50

4. Proofreader

Hourly Rate: $23 to $30 on average

One of the finest freelancing positions for someone with a sharp eye for detail and a penchant for mistakes is proofreading. You’ll be expected to check written material for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors as a freelance proofreader.

As a freelance proofreader, it is simple to get started and a great position for people who wish to work from home because it can be completed totally online.

5. Resume Writer

Writing a resume is a skill. And if you believe you can succeed in it, you shouldn’t pass up this specialized field. It can help you develop not only your writing abilities but also your proofreading skills, which are very useful for editors. The best aspect is that learning it is quite simple. In terms of income, you can expect to make $15 to $25 per hour. Check out WriterBay (visit) and ResumeEdge (visit) if you want to get started; professional resume writers strongly recommend them.

6. Bookkeeper

Do you have a financial interest? Do you enjoy keeping track of your own spending plan? Then think about bookkeeping. To keep track of and manage their money, the majority of firms use bookkeepers. Recording revenue and spending, creating client invoices, and creating financial reports are all things that bookkeepers perform. Reach out to local companies or browse the websites listed below the hourly wage range to locate your first online bookkeeping job.

Earnings per hour: $25 to $50

7. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Hourly Rate: $16 to $24 on average

An excellent choice if you’re seeking a flexible and rewarding career is working as a virtual assistant (VA). Virtual assistants are independent contractors that provide their skills to clients remotely, usually online.

Depending on the demands of their customers, a virtual assistant’s work might change, but they often involve things like making appointments, answering phones, managing social media, managing email communication, generating reports and presentations, and offering customer support.

8. Jobs in translation

Translation work is one of the best possibilities for students who are bilingual and have a solid command of many languages for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is a constant need for excellent translators due in large part to the rising desire to pique the attention of a sizable segment of the audience who originate from various regions of the world. You have a variety of alternatives, such as translating a document for a blog, editing a book, providing language interpretation, or adding subtitles to a film.

9. Personal Trainer

Consider signing up for online personal-training positions if you enjoy working out and are knowledgeable about effective workout methods. You can train anybody, anytime, anywhere, thanks to online coaching, which opens up the possibility of taking on additional customers. You have the option of conducting group or one-on-one training sessions using Zoom or Skype.

Earnings per hour: $20 to $70

10. Chat Assistant (Customer Support)

Hourly Rate: $14 to $17 on average

Due to the increased need for customer help through online chat platforms, chat assistants are in great demand. This may be the ideal freelancing position for you if you have outstanding communication skills, the ability to remain composed under pressure, and a talent for finding solutions to customer problems.

The benefit of working as a chat assistant is that you may do it from any location with an internet connection. This makes it a perfect profession for stay-at-home parents, students, or anybody else wishing to do freelance work to augment their income.

11. Voice Over

Trust me, not everyone is endowed with a smooth or strong voice from birth. Therefore, if you believe that your voice has a unique quality, you should consider applying for a voice-over job. You may get voice-over work for a variety of projects, including impersonation, storytelling, dubbing, and even audiobooks, depending on your chosen language and accent. If you want to try it out, Fiverr (visit) and (visit) are the best places to go because they not only provide fascinating chances but also pay rather well, even for talented beginners, much alone those with years of experience.

12. Online Beauty Consultant

There has never been a better moment to think about working as an online beauty expert with the rising trend in cosmetics and beauty sweeping the globe. Client confidence may be increased by imparting your skincare and beauty knowledge and skills. Depending on your specialization, you may assist clients locally or internationally while developing a brand for yourself that might eventually become very successful.

Earnings per hour: $5 to $45.

13. Sales Director/Lead Generation Expert

Earning per hour: $51 to $70 on average

The creation and implementation of sales strategies and plans fall within the purview of sales managers. To find prospective leads and finalize deals, they collaborate with clients and other team members.

A lead generation expert is in charge of developing and managing lead generation programs, locating and screening prospective customers, and providing sales teams with qualified leads. These two responsibilities can both be effectively filled by independent contractors.

14. Data Entry

Data entry tasks are quite popular and in high demand, since they are relatively simple to do. Additionally, they are always offered in great quantities. So, if you can type well, you can work as a data entry clerk without having to put much effort into it. But be wary of con artists who demand payment in advance since they could flee with your cash. Fortunately, there are several reliable websites that provide actual data entry tasks, such as Clickworker (visit) and Freelancer (visit). If you want to begin data entering on the right foot, give them a try.

15. Online Recruiter

Previously, recruiters could only operate in an office environment, but today you can work from home as an online recruiter. Your primary responsibilities will be to advertise open positions and hunt for candidates for your business. In order to evaluate candidates beforehand and send only the finest ones to the appropriate manager at the company, some employers may additionally need you to do the initial phone interview.

Earnings per hour: $20–40

16. Web Designer

Hourly Rate: $20 to $40 on average

Because there is always a demand for talented web designers, web design is a fantastic freelancing opportunity. Working as a web designer freelance allows you to work from home or anywhere you choose while making a respectable salary.

The finest part of being a web designer is using your imagination to create websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. In order for search engines to crawl and index webpages, you’ll also need to be able to incorporate SEO features.

17. Online Survey

Online surveys are another task that many students would feel at ease performing. Many well-known survey businesses are in need of people to complete an online survey and provide them with precise data. Therefore, these professions may be beneficial for you if you enjoy interacting with others and learning about their hobbies. In my opinion, the two most well-known websites that provide people with legitimate online survey tasks are Swagbucks (visit) and Toluna (visit). Additionally, they pay more in comparison to other websites.

18. Email Marketer

Do you possess a special talent that no one else possesses? Can you write compelling email subject lines that compel readers to click? If so, you may manage businesses’ email campaigns to get in touch with them and earn money online. Once you show that you have the ability to entice customers, businesses will scramble to hire you and provide you with a long-term contract. If you can assist firms in expanding their email list, major brownie points.

Earnings per hour: $30–$45

19. Freelance photographer

Hourly Rate: $18 to $24 on average

Are you trying to come up with a fun and original approach to generating money? Think about working as a freelance photographer!

Making money shooting pictures can be done in a variety of ways. You may deal with customers directly or use stock photography services to sell your images online. To make money, you may also promote seminars or photo excursions. Photography is a fantastic opportunity to do something you love and be compensated for it, regardless of how you generate money.

20. Websites Testing Jobs

There are several online positions for website testing, despite the fact that few of you may think so. Website owners need genuine user input about how their platform works in a certain scenario. They may use it to diagnose issues and improve the functionality of their websites as a whole. Make sure you have a webcam and microphone because those are the essential testing instruments if you want to be hired for an online internet testing job ($10–$20/test). The two most well-known websites that provide these tasks are UserTesting (visit) and YouEye (visit).

21. Facebook Advertising Expert

Although running Facebook advertising is an efficient approach to boosting revenue, most companies lack the knowledge or time to start campaigns. Specialists in Facebook advertising are in high demand as a result. You may find a variety of online jobs and choose the company you want to work for as long as you know how to create up appealing ad creatives and customize campaigns towards particular audience segments.

Earnings per hour: $30 to $100

22. Graphic Designer

Hourly Rate: $22 to $26 on average

The need for independent graphic designers is high. Companies are searching for independent graphic designers to assist with branding, marketing, and website design due to the expanding market for digital media.

Being able to work from any location is one of the nicest aspects of being a freelance graphic designer. You may work from home, a coffee shop, or even while you’re on the road as long as you have a computer, a tool like Canva Pro, and an internet connection.

This adaptability is ideal for those who wish to use their artistic talents to make a living while still having the opportunity to travel or enjoy time with friends and family.

23. Sell Your Artwork or Photos

You may sell your artistic talent to make a lot of additional money online if you are talented in photography or have an eye for making beautiful works of art. You did really hear correctly. Despite the fact that there is no shortage of photographers and artists worldwide, there is a big desire for unconventional innovation. Therefore, websites like DeviantArt (visit) and SmugMug (visit) (for images) may be of great assistance, whether you are craving to acquire the much-anticipated breakthrough or get the much-needed exposure to polish your expertise.

24. Data Analysts

Hourly Rate: $35 to $44 on average

In order to assist a firm in making wiser business decisions, a freelance data analyst collects and examines data from multiple sources. They might be employed by the business on a temporary or contract basis or as a consultant.

One of the highest-paying freelancing positions is that of a data analyst. These days, there is a big need for data analysts since more and more companies are realizing the value of data-driven decision-making. A job as a freelance data analyst may be ideal for you if you have excellent analytical abilities and a desire to work in a busy setting.

25. Publish on YouTube

Consider starting a YouTube channel. The end result is really satisfying, even if you do need to put in a lot of work upfront and initially display a little more patience until your channel has been monetized (eligibility: 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months and 1000 subscribers). Therefore, YouTube, the greatest video-sharing network in the world, is for you if you have a love to express your talent, whether it be connected to humor, technology, or anything else. YouTube may pay up to $8 for every 1000 views of your videos if they follow the community rules and have been monetized without any restrictions (in some cases even higher). In order to begin your career as a video maker, build a YouTube channel right away.


There won’t be a quick decline in the need for online employment. Additionally, the chance to make money online may be just what you need to maintain your sanity in a time when traditional employment practices are changing on a daily basis and income is declining.

These online jobs can provide significant flexibility that the majority of traditional workers will never experience, whether your objective is to work part-time to increase your savings or earn a full-time income while working from home.

Post NameSalaryHow To Apply
Writer$22 to $30/hourApply Now
Online Tutor$20 to $35/hourApply Now
Social Media Manager$16 to $50/hourApply Now
Proof Reader$23 to $30/hourApply Now
Resume Writer$15 to $25 per hourApply Now
Book Keeper$25 to $55 per hourApply Now
Virtual Assistant$16 to $24 per hourApply Now
Translation $16 to $24 per hourApply Now
Personal Trainer$20 to $70 per hourApply Now
Chat Support $14 to $17 per hourApply Now
Voice Over $16 to $24 per hourApply Now
Beauty Consultant $05 to $45 per hourApply Now
Sales Expert $50 to $70 per hourApply Now
Data Entry $16 to $24 per hourApply Now
Online Recruiter $20 to $25 per hourApply Now
Web Designer $20 to $40 per hourApply Now
Online Survey $16 to $24 per hourApply Now
Email Marketer $30 to $45 per hourApply Now
Freelance Photographer $18 to $24 per hourApply Now
Website Testing $10 to $20 per hourApply Now
Facebook Advertising $30 to $100 per hourApply Now
Graphic Designer $22 to $26 per hourApply Now
Sell Your Photos $15 to $45 per hourApply Now
Data Analyst $35 to $45 per hourApply Now
Publish On Youtube $16 to $24 per hourApply Now


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